Louis II
Louis II.jpg
Louis II in 1901
Emperor of France
Reign 1890-1922
Coronation July 20, 1890
Predecessor Philippe I
Successor Napoleon III
Spouse Heloise
Issue Napoleon III
Albert I
Princess Vivianne
Full name
Louis Francois Joseph Bonaparte
House House of Bonaparte
Father Philippe
Mother Beatrice Des Camps
Born May 19, 1852
Paris, France
Died June 8, 1922
Versailles, France
Burial June 15, 1922
Bonaparte Mausoleum, Paris, France
Religion Roman Catholic
Louis Francois Joseph Bonaparte (born May 19, 1852; died June 8, 1922), better known by his regnal name of Louis II, was the 5th Emperor of the French, reigning for 32 years, from the death of his father Philippe the Great in 1890 until he himself died in 1922. His reign was defined by the Colonial Wars and France's expansion from being a self-sustained European power to a global military power. Troubled economics and a growing disparity between the rich and the poor, coupled with clear signs of instability within the bloated structure of government, marred his reign, although modern historians celebrate Louis II as a modernizer who built France's foreign policy as opposed to strengthening the nation internally, like his father. He was the first of four of the six 20th century Emperors to bear two sons and thus two potential rivals for the throne.

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