Louis Farrakhan was a prominent leader of the Nation of Islam since 1978, and the President of the Republic of New Afrika since 2009, when the Republic was created as a Soviet puppet state stretching from Charleston to Savannah. Farrakhan quickly began transforming the republic into a Nation of Islam-based Theocracy, in accordance with the will of the Soviet Union.

Farrakhan consolidated an alliance with the Confederate terrorist organization, the Black Panther Party, which quickly became a state police force and secret service. Farrakhan also welcomed famous black activists to the newly founded country, allowing black Christians to practice their religion, provided they swore alleigiance to the New Afrikan state. Activists attracted included Barack Obama, Colin Powell, and Jesse Jackson, among others.

Farrakhan was responsible for the annexation of Liberia into New Afrika, earning the trust and cooperation of Liberian President, later New Afrikan governor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The New Afrikan navy began colonization efforts in Liberia to find a new home for blacks oppressed under the Post-Union States in Operation Exodus, a program logistically supported by the Soviet Union.

Under Farrakhan, New Afrika increased its ties with black nationalist movements throughout the world, as well as socialist organizations. Farrakhan also maintained a close relationship with the District of Columbia and its President, Marion Barry.

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