Louis Desaix

Portrait of Louis Desaix (No Napoleon)
Official Presidential Portrait

2nd President of France
December 14, 1808 - December 12, 1812

Predecessor Emmanuel Sieyès
Successor Charles Dumouriez

1st Vice President of France
December 16, 1800 - December 12, 1808

Predecessor French Directory
Successor TBD
Born August 17, 1768
Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France Ayat-sur-Sioule, France
Died March 14, 1832
Flag of France Paris, France
Political Party      Republican Party
Profession Politician

Louis Charles Antoine Desaix (17 August 1768 – 14 March 1832) was a French general, military leader, the second President of France, and having served as the first Vice President of France. Desaix, along with key instigator Emmanuel Sieyès and several other military leaders from the French Revolution, initiated the 20 Vendemiaire, which officially ended the reign of the semi-autocratic French Directory. His work helped replace it with a presidential democracy, and Desaix notable for being one of the writers for the the French Constitution of 1795.