Louis Philippe Bourbon
Louis Charles de Bourbon, Count of Eu.jpg
Louis of Austurias by Jean Ranc
Spouse Élisabeth Alexandrine de Bourbon
Full name
Luis Felipe
House House of Bourbon
Father Philip V
Mother Maria Luisa of Savoy
Born 30 June 1706
Buen Retiro, Madrid
Died 5 January 1725 (aged 19)
Royal Alcazar, Madrid
Burial El Escorial, Spain
Religion Roman Catholicism
Louis Philippe (Spanish: Luis Felipe; 30 June 1706 — 5 January 1725) was the heir apparent to the Spanish throne (receiving the traditional title of Prince of Asturias) between 1706 and his death.

Born as the eldest son of the reining monarch of Spain  Philip V, Louis an Infante of Spain and as a result of his birth the heir to his father's kingdom. Growing up surrounded by conflict, Louis proved himself an efficient and dutiful son when he supported his father on the battlefield late in the Fifteen Years War, proving himself an effective fighter who won the respect of several of Philip V's generals.

Also diligent in his study of the arts, Louis was particularly beloved by members of the francophone courts he visited during his adolescence. However, despite maintaining a number of admirers (and allegedly lovers) until his death, the young prince was arranged a marriage to one of his distant cousins, Élisabeth Alexandrine de Bourbon, of whom he retained cordial relations despite his frustration with the disposition.

By 1725, his father's war was pulling to a halt as the enemies of Spain and France marched over their borders. Louis, alongside his father, were preparing to undergo a new campaign to force the Austrians to a truce by marching the majority of Spain's troops to meet them in southern France. However, before the expedition could get under way, the Prince of Asturias came down with a sever cold whilst camping with his father's troops near Madrid, and despite being brought back to the royal palace the sickness developed into pneumonia which ultimately killed Louis Philippe at the age of 19.

It is believed by some historians that the death of his first son caused Philip V such distress that it ultimately caused the King of Spain to view the war as a loss, a reaction that ultimately fueled his decision to march into France later on in the year in his attempt to take his brother's throne which led to the downfall of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain.

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