Prince Impérial, 1878, Londres, BNF Gallica.jpg
A photograph of Louis, 1 December 1876
Emperor of the French
Reign 21 August 1876 – 4 June 1879 (two years, nine months, 14 days)
Coronation 16 October 1876
Notre-Dame de Paris, France
Predecessor Napoléon III
Successor Napoléon IV
Full name
Louis Charles Napoléon Henri Bonaparte
House Bonaparte
Father Napoléon III
Mother Princess Louise of Prussia
Born 16 March 1856
Tuileries Palace, Paris, France
Died 6 May 1933 (aged 77)
Brest, France
Burial 10 May 1933
Mausolée des Bonapartes, Paris, France
Religion Roman Catholic

Louis (born Louis Charles Napoléon Henri Bonaparte; 16 March 1856 – 6 May 1933) was Emperor of the French from 21 August 1876 to his abdication on 4 June 1879, a period of less than three years. Louis was the only son and second of three children of his father, Napoléon III, and succeeded him upon his abdication one day before his death. Louis was a scion of the few aristocratic liberals that were inspired by the government and political culture of the United Kingdom; liberals both in the aristocracy and in the general populace hoped he would reverse some of the autocratic precedences of his father. He was very popular for the early months of his reign, but his opposition to the conservative and reactionary aristocrats then holding sway in Paris made him many enemies in the government. After fears spread through the upper echelons of French society that he planned to hand great legislative and executive power to the rubber-stamp French Parliament, great pressure from his allies, opposition, and even family members forced him to abdicate the throne. Since he had not then sired a son, the throne passed to his cousin, who would be crowned as Napoléon IV. For the remainder of his life, he remained a leading liberal in French politics, and one of the strongest liberal influences in the Bonaparte family.

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