Louis Dupond was the last President of the Franco-Japanese run cabinet of the Ottoman Federation. A man of extraordinary political prowess, his promising career was ruined by the mysterious Children of the Ataturk, a Turkish independence group who used terror to get their way. His family kidnapped by the Ataturk, Louis was forced to agree to their terms, which spelt certain doom on the integrity of the Federation's political system.


Louis was born on the 23rd November, 1907, in Feodosia, capital of the Russian Crimea. In 1912 his French born family emigrated to Turkey, at this time under the firm control of the Japanese President, Shimazu Koboyakowa. At the age of 20 he opted into his local council at Bursa. By 1930, he was firmly installed in the cabinet at Istanbul.

Political Prowess

As a member of the Federation's cabinet, Dupond was very conservative, very often veering towards complete servility of the Turkish and Arab populations in the Federation. He was immediately identified as a political genius, having quelled a mutiny in the Arabian oil industry in Yemen - and having delivered the whole Federation from a disastrous financial crisis that brought neighbouring Persia almost to its knees. He was also a most persuasive person.

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