Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Vires per Deus succurro quod diligo publicus (Loronian)
("Strength with God's help and love of the people")

Anthem "Nos Diligo Nostrum Populus Quod Nostrum Deus"
Capital Varonta
Largest city Emstrad
Other cities Glikonza
  others German
Religion Evangelical Lutheran (Church of Loronia)
Ethnic Group Loronian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population 37000000 
Established 1270
Currency Loronian Kroner (LOK)
Time Zone 0
Calling Code 09
Internet TLD .lr
The Great and Illustrious Loronia:

Chapter I: History:

Chapter II: Politics:

Chapter III: Religious Life:

Chapter IV: Geography:

Chapter V: List of Monarchs:

Chapter VI: Treaties and Declarations:

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