Lorkdan Empire
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Wayfar
Largest city Wayfar
Other cities Yetta, Bamako, Minsk, Rio, Vulcan
Language Basic (English)
Ethnic Groups
  others Human, Regenetech, Zahntim, Lukz'ab, Drimech, Xeraji, Dravimos, Crixus, Karnehai, Maoimer, and Dresh
Government dictator
Lord Drice Tillo
Currency Silver coins


Lork is a large reptilian humanoid species from the planet of Koth. They had good eyes that could see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs—albeit slowly—and were anatomically built heavier, stronger, smarter, and faster than most humanoids, including Humans. They can live up to be 260 years of age. The average Lorkgan is 6'7 225 lbs. The height range is from 6'0-7'0. The weight range is from 190-290.


The first tribes began to form 100,000,000 Million years ago. They first began their expansion beyond Koth around 60,000,000 million years ago. When Hyperdrive/Interstellar Travel became possible that is when the real colonization started around 30,000,000 million years ago.



The main tanks of the army are the ZD - 066 Fighter Tank. 

The Juggernaut is a land truck that carried other land vehicles and troops.

Speeders like the Quickie 500 were fast bikes that can go up to 250 mph.

The Terrain Explore is a light walker that has mini guns on both sides.

The TT - FW is a heavy walker that carries speeder and troops.

Trooper have armor and weapons like OTL clone trooper (Star Wars)


Gunships know as the TC - 100 is a troop carrier ship.

Big Capital ships called the Planet Destroyers carried troops, space, and land vehicles.

The BB - Wing is the main bomber.

Smaller Capital ships called the Moon Killers carried troops, space and land vehicles.

Quick fighters like the Z - Wing is fast and can fire its guns pretty fast.

The J - Wing is the main fighter in space.



Lord Drice Tillo is the dictator of the empire. He has a group of 16 people that help him with his work that is split up into different categories. 





The Empire is highly advanced in technology and has been developing new technology for a long time now.

Current Tech

Name Percent Complete When
Hyperdrive/Interstellar Travel 100% 40 MYA
Nuclear Weaponry 100% 45 MYA
Gravitational Locking 100% 45 MYA
Floating Mechanisms 100% 45 MYA
Time Travel 100% 45 MYA
Lightsabers 100% 40 MYA
Superlaser 100% 100 KYA
Teleportation 100% 40 KYA
Star Killer OTL Death Star 100% 300 KYA


Home Planet Koth

This planet is a rain forest planet the size of OTL Coruscant. The planet is 50% land and 50% water. The planet has three moons the size of earth which are all habitable and have settlements.




Trooper Armor

Star wars clonetrooper concept by jubjubjedi-dq4b9x

Trooper Armor

BTL-B Y-wing fighter

BB - Wing

Z - Wing

Z - Wing


TC - 100

Star Wars Papercraft V-wing Airspeeder

J - Wing


Moon Killer

Venator clonewars

Planet Destroyer

W i P Star Wars Speeder Bike by Paul Muad Dib

Quickie 500





All Terrain Exploration Droid

Terrain Explore

250px-Trandoshan NEGAS



ZD - 066

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