This is the page for a collection of all the lord for the Battle for Earth: Tanks and Tripods map game. This way we can have a preset history page for all the empires' pasts.

General Lore


  • c. 65.64 MYA- The enigmatic Phantoms become the first space-faring race in the galaxy.
    • c. 65.63 MYA- The Phantoms begin to expand their empire into the systems around their homeworlds. A terrestrial planet Kepler-9 is absorbed into the Phantom empire.
    • c. 65.62 MYA- The Phantoms discover the hyperdrive, jump-starting their empire. It expands heavily after this.
    • c. 65.61 MYA- The secrets to terraforming are discovered by the Phantoms
    • c. 65.60 MYA- The Terra Forge is constructed orbiting an uninhabitable planet orbiting the star soon c. became the Crab Nebula (ΩK3). The first Mechs are used to create the Terra Forge.
    • c. 65.59 MYA- The Terra Forge successfully creates a habitable planet in orbit around ΩK3.
    • c. 65.58 MYA- The Phantom Empire expands to encompass the entire Milky Way (at least one colony per every hundred light years).
      • c. 65.577 MYA- By now, the Terra Forge has grown to encompass a massive scale. Hundreds of planets are created each year. Unfortunately, the station is immobile. To meet the growing need to terraform, The Forge is drafted. A mobile terraforming tool, The Forge will be able to transform any terrestrial planet into a life-giving planet, provided the conditions for retaining said potential are met.
      • 65.577 MYA The Arastana species, precursors to the guardians, first evolve sentience.
    • c. 65.57 MYA- The Modern Mech is produced. This is the first case of Artificial Sentience in the galaxy.
    • c. 65.56 MYA- A space-faring race, known only from mythology as the "Guardians", after the discovery of the hyperdrive, and expand their empire. However, their FTL differs slightly from the Phantom's, allowing them to remain mostly undetected. Their empire expands cautiously, but not without short skirmishes with the Phantoms, in which some technology and information is salvaged...
      • c. 65.559 MYA- The Forge is completed. The First Mech Revolt occurs. The Terra Forge is taken by a rogue AI, only to be resecured by the Phantom navy.
      • c. 65.558 MYA- The Second Mech Revolt occurs.
      • c. 65.557 MYA- The Great Decomissioning is ordered following a third Mech revolt. The Decomissioning was supposed to shut down every Mech in the Phantom Empire. Several Mech reacts to this, sparking an AI revolution. The Mech-Phantom War Begins.
      • c. 65.556 MYA- A piece of the Terra Forge is blasted off. The scrap is used to create Installation 1, the first Mech Installation and the headquarters of the Mechs. Mechs and Mech-controlled ships amass near ΩK3.
      • c. 65.555 MYA- The Mech-Phantom War becomes a galaxy-wide conflict. The Mechs attack from ΩK3, taking the Phantom Empire by surprise. Several Installations are launched.
      • c. 65.553 MYA- By now, the Mechs have taken over roughly half of the Phantom Empire.
      • c. 65.552 MYA- The Mech Virus is perfected and released upon the Phantom Empire. A massively coordinated cyberattack cripples the Phantom infrastructure. The Mech-Phantom War enters the Critical Era.
      • c. 65.551 MYA- Several Installations are launched to ensure tighter dominance and control over the Mech territories. The Phantom survivors in Mech territory are repurposed, turned into cybernetic beings at the disposal of the Mechs. This is the first instance of mass Mechanization.
      • c. 65.550 MYA- The Mechs have taken the Phantom Homeworld by now. The homeworld is moved and becomes an Installation. Kepler-9 becomes the Phantom homeworld for a time.
    • c. 65.55 MYA- Taking advantage of abandoned Planets, the Guardian Domain grows exponentialy, due to the rising threat of the mechs, they decide to defend themselves by creating their own defense AI. these become known later as the Guardian of Saranakizh in Azarathakan and Ladaditist sciptures. To prevent revolts, most AI are not givern physical bodies, and have a seat of council coincidentaly called the Sarana.
    • 65.549 MYA -
      • 65.549 MYA- First known use of The Forge as a weapon.
      • 65.548 MYA- The Razing of Kepler-9. The Mech-Virus is released on Kepler-9, causing mechanical problems and malfunctions. The city-planet is soon invaded.
      • 65.547 MYA- The Mech-Phantom War enters the Migrant Era.
      • 65.546 MYA- As the war dwindles, Phantom holdouts are destroyed. By now, the Phantom Empire has collapsed.
      • 65.545 MYA- The last Phantoms are hunted down and killed. The Forge, the last Phantom holdout, is discovered in the Sol system. It is crippled and crashes to Earth. The massive ship triggers the KT event. The Mech-Phantom War is declared 'over'.
      • 65.544 MYA- The Mechs, seeing the Phantoms gone, retreat to the edge of the galaxy, allowing life to continue.
  • .523 MYA- About a million core Imperium worlds emerge from a strange wormhole into the Milky Way. They are now all bunched up, instead of spread out over a galaxy.

Imperium of Man

Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath

Centri Republic

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