438px-William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1820)

William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne (15th March 1779 - 21st January 1841) was a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He and his cabinet were the first of many to be executed in the Terror of London in 1843. Lamb was elected to Parliament in 1806 as a member of the Whig party. Lamb served as Irish Secretary in the government. Lamb became Lord Melbourne when his father died.

Prime Minister (1834 - 1843)

After Lord Grey resigned as Prime Minister in July 1834, the King was forced to appoint another Whig to replace him. Melbourne was the man most likely to be both acceptable to the King and hold the Whig party together. Melbourne hesitated after receiving from Grey the letter from the King requesting him to visit him to discuss the formation of a government. Melbourne thought he would not enjoy the extra work that accompanied the office but he did not want to let his friends and party down.  He had a Peaceful but scandalous time in office until 1840 when the Queen, who he had been mentoring, was assassinated.. Later thet day in a speech to parliament he designated Edward Oxford `Public Enemy Number 1` and gave police permision to shoot the man on sight.

Little did Lamb know that was only the beginning of his problems the Public of the south didn't like the new King Ernest Augustus I of Hanover and started to rebel against his rule. the rebels are soon crushed by the local malitia. After Enests coronation in York the people of southern England are angry at Parliament for letting this happen some people in the cities of London and Manchester take up arms and form the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA riots are soon crushed by forces of the Army.

On 21st January 1843 the forces of the PLA storm Downing Street during an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the rebels. Lamb and his cabinet are taken outside to a mock traial and are hung later that day in Trafalgar Square for` treachery against the people`.

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