Beginning (1987 - 1992)

In 1987, the Lord's Resistance Army was formed in Africa. Their first leader, Jake Hanger, was telling the army to go deep ito the jungles to attack American embassies in Kenya (in order to show Americans that they do not want them in Kenya). On July 1st, 1987, while American helper groups try to help starving kids. The Lord's Resistance Army invaded the whole area. They blocked all escape routes. Hanger ordered them to kill all Americans in the area. All Americans from the area were dead from being shot, stabbed, hanged, beaten, raped, and ripped apart by lions. This got America's attention. Jake let the African children live because he cares more for them. From July 23rd to August 10th, 103 Americans in Kenya are dead. Joseph Kony was the general of the Army. Kony thought that he could have the Army become even bigger, with children, so that the army could become the biggest army in the world. Hanger, however, did not like the plan. He thought it was an awful thing, putting children through warfare. Hanger's plan was to keep Americans out of Africa, so that Africa can be a black country. (Hangar also planed to take over South Africa.) Most of the army men thought Kony's plans were better. Joseph wanted more of the world; he wanted to become a leader of America. He hated Hanger's plans. Kony decided to kill Hanger when he was asleep. On August 29th, 1987, Kony, five soldiers, and Hangar's bodyguards invaded Hangar's room. Joesph then slit Jake's throat. Joesph and the others shot Jake to death. Half of Jake's followers were killed. The others surrendered and became part of Joseph's army. In 1988, from March 2nd to June 24th, African children are kidnapped, raped and murdered.

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