North Africa

The year is 1943. Italy's unreadiness to fight in the Second World War contributed to the downfall of Hitler. Not in this timeline. Italy had taken the Balkans and North Africa without German assistance. The horrible Italian defeats in Egypt and Libya in our time never occurred. The small British forces in Egypt were destroyed by the Italian Army, and so was the Balkan's resistance. However, British forces in other parts of North Africa continue to fight on.

Soviet Union

This leads to Germany not having to divert its forces to North Africa or the Balkans, conserving time and troops for Operation: Barbarossa. This has lead to an earlier invasion of the Soviet Union, giving the Wehrmacht more time to advance in Spring and Summer.This leads to the capture of Moscow and many other German targets for Barbarossa, and the fall of the Soviet Union. Stalin, being bolder in this timeline, stayed in Moscow even though of reports of German troops approaching. He dies days later and Moscow is taken. The Soviet Union officially surrenders. At least, for the west. The Eastern Soviet Union has consolidated some retreating forces behind the Ural Mountains. Stalin's plans of also moving industrial power farther east has given the Eastern Soviet Union the power to produce tanks and planes, albeit slowly. An unsteady peace has been made between the two nations. Although both secretly plan on attacking each other in another point in the future.


The Japanese forces that did not make it to the Battle Of Midway in our timeline, did in this one. The extra two light carriers, five battleships, six cruisers, and 35 support ships made the Japanese with the Battle, leading to Yamamoto's plan becoming a reality. The Japanese invasion of the Aleutians were more successful as well because of this, and the Aleutians were also taken, threatening Alaska.


With the downfall of the Soviet Union, Britain's plan of having the USSR and USA help them is already half obsolete. They still rely on America, though, and refuse a peace in Germany proposed. Germany, after this, is now plotting either re-igniting the Battle of Britain, or finally doing Operation: Sealion. (The German player will have to make up his/her mind on which plan to enact). With America's fleets concentrated on the Pacific, the Atlantic is left open to the Germans, and Britain is cut off from international supplies.


The war in Asia concerning Japan continues on as it has in our timeline.


1. No implausibility.

2. Each turn is three months.

3. Turns begin at UTC 00:00

4. Don't edit past posts.

5. Resistance in countries will be determined on a scale of 1-5 using This roll must be done at the beginning of each turn to determine resistance for the territory gained last month. You must roll once for each country in which territory you have taken. You must deal with this resistance before progressing further into the country.

1=No resistance.

2=Little resistance.

3=Moderate resistance.

4=Heavy resistance.

5=Citizen revolt.

6. You may only control one nation, but may release nations as puppet states.

7. Puppets act as allies, and must help the nation they are a puppet of at all times.

8. Moderators have to ability to do plausible, and fair events for any and every country.

9. Moderators decide what technology countries can research. This depends on the country's current economical state in game, and technological state in game and in our timeline.

10. You can not switch countries unless yours has been annexed or made into a puppet.

11. The game ends in the current year.

12. New players can start the year they joined.

13. A page for your nation is strongly recommended. Be sure to include military strength and population count.

14. Moderators determine what is plausible and what is not.

15. Moderators designated as map-makers are the only ones allowed to edit the map.

16. A map will be made every year.

17. A nation historically with one side will stay with that side until they choose to leave by the minimum year of 1953. Leaders can not leave. Example: Italy can leave the Axis beginning in 1953, but Germany may not. If one side is defeated, the winning side will determine the outcome of the defeated side.

18. Nations designated as 'Empires' control only their mainland, so Britain controls only Britain, but they're colonies world wide are classified as puppet states for them.

19. Colonial empires of nations conquered will become a part of the country who conquered the home country. Example: France conquers Netherlands, Dutch colonies become a part of France.

20. Nations classified as 'major power's' can not be taken without a vote from the moderator staff whether or not a player can take it.

21. You can only build up two of these things at a time: infrastructure, military, economy.

More may come.


1. Blocky858 (Head Moderator, Game Creator)

2. Majordomo SkyGreen24 (Second-In-Command Moderator, Official Map-Maker)

3. User:Local Mafia Boss (talk)(Third-In-Command Moderator)

4. TheMaster001

(Further positions may open depending on game size)





Third Reich (MP) - Blocky858 (talk)

Fascist Italy (MP) - Flag of Russian Alaska (HR) OCT MARIUS, HAIL HIM Flag of Italy (Federalist Italy)

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Sweden - War Ensign of Germany 1892-1903 Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) You want me to sign this? I'm afraid I can't do that Flag of the Holy Roman Empire Flag of Italy (1861-1946)

United Kingdom (Empire, MP) Local Mafia Boss (Talk) (Blog)

Nationalist Spain - Agent001

Norway -

Portugal - 

Vichy France (Puppet of Third Reich, Empire, MP) -

Vatican City -

Liechtenstein -

Andorra -

Monaco -

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Empire Of Japan (MP;GEACPS) - SkyGreen24

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Eastern Soviet Union (MP) -

Mongolia (Puppet of the ESU) -

Tibet -

Nepal -

Kingdom of Thailand (GEACPS) -

Tannu Tuva (Puppet of the ESU) -

Bhutan -

Azad Hind (GEACPS) -

North America

United States of America (MP) - Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 14:00, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

Canada (Puppet of UK)

Mexico -

Cuba - IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 12:21, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

Haiti -

Dominican Republic -

Puerto Rico -

Panama -

Nicaragua -

Honduras -

El Salvador -

Guatemala -

Costa Rica -

South America

Brazil - 

Nationalist Argentina - Saturn120 (talk) 16:58, February 27, 2014 (UTC)

Uruguay -

Paraguay -

Chile - Ajman1424 (talk) 17:18, February 27, 2014 (UTC)

Colombia -

Venezuela -

Peru -

Ecuador -

French Guiana (Puppet of Vichy France) -

Guyana (Puppet of UK) - 

Suriname (puppet of the Dutch, currently occupied by US for defensive reasons) - Ratc3333


Australia (Puppet of UK) -Mr YOLO (talk) 11:39, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

New Zealand (Puppet of UK) -


Liberia -

Ethiopia (Puppet of Italy) -

Middle East

Turkey -

Arabia - Nlenhardt (Talk)

Iran -

Pakistan - 


1. This map game is for information purposes to create scenarios to see what would have happened in World War Two went this way. I'm not biased towards either side. This is also supposed to last until the modern age to see the outcomes + the nuclear age, if it even comes, after this altered WW2.

2. I did not include Africa and the Middle East as playable countries because from my experience, no one takes Africa or Middle East in a map game, no matter what time period it is. If you want me to include them, I will. INCLUDED AFTER POPULAR DEMAND

3. I have not included all the colonies due to how many there actually are.

4. Please tell me if I have forgot a country or added an extra one that isn't supposed to be there.

5. The battle and war systems will be posted at a future date on the talk page.   SEE ANNOUNCEMENTS


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The game will start once we have a majority of the countries filled up or until otherwise.

The game will start when all Major Powers (except Vichy France) are filled.

Game start is TODAY.


Mussolini is attacked while on vacation in Italian-held North Africa by a joint Egyptian-British mob. He survives, but has a broken left arm and a concussion.

Adolf Hitler tours Moscow as Mussolini was on vacation in North Africa.

In the UK, the population becomes very antzy as the Germans begin re-positioning their armies on the English channel.

In Asia, French Indo-China is torn into civil war between the natives and the colonists. Japanese troops there are attacked by Vichy French soldiers, who can not tell the difference between the natives and the Japanese. 12 Japanese die and five French before the French are chased off by artillery fire from ships off-coast.

Argentina joins the Axis and begins building up military forces.

Chile joins the axis and starts building up navy

  •  Third Reich: A squadron of four Bf 109's fly over the coast of Britain to survey it for possible invasion. The TIger II and Jagdpanther begins production. Air Aviation companies begin making designs for short-ranged bombers that can carry a heavily bomb load, but have decent armor. The bomber should only have three defensive machine guns- one in the tail, one below the fuselage, and one above. Designs from Heinkel, Junkers, and Dornier are all submitted. Any foreign country is offered a substantial amount of money if they submit their design. Tanks are also prepared for the invasion. Designs of tanks with heavy armament, low armour, and intermediate mobility are being looked for. The tank must also be able to survive marshy landscapes. German tank companies work on their models, but foreign models are once again welcomed, and any country that submits gains money.
  • Nationalist Argentina dip offers to send 4 different tank designs for free with the Third Reich agreeing to offer us protection in South America.
  • East. Soviet Union: The Red Army rebuilds a massive military. And produces more arms from the factories to prepare for invasion.
    • ESU dip: Requests an alliance with Japan, and an NAP with the Third Reich.
    • TR Dip: We accept.
    • Japan Dip: We accept.
  • China: We seek to end the war with Japan, we build up our military and economy, while attempting to work on infrastructure. The government seeks a new home for the capital, as Beijing is occupied by Japanese forces.
    • ​Japan Dip: We shall reconsider the proposal if during Operation Hawaii the Chinese navy sails along the Japanese one and during which the leaders of China stay in Japan until Operation Hawaii is over.
    • Chinese Dip: China will only agree to this under the conditions that China is returned the land taking from them, with the exception of Manchuria, which may stay under Japanese occupation.
  • Sweden: Sweden reaffirms its neutrality in the war. Nevertheless, the military, navy and Air Force are mobilized and stand ready. Sweden respectfully declines the German contract, looking to keep any designs for its own defense.
  • America: We begin to focus on retaking the Aleutian Islands and the island of Midway and Admiral Nimitz attempts to lead an offensive into Midway to retake the island while General George Marshall leads the attempt to retake the Aleutian Islands. We attempt to put General Douglas MacArthur out of retirement, since need him right at the present time. We begin to deploy our forces into South America to stop Argentina in its tracks as we ask for the nations of South America to join us against the Axis. We begin to build up our fleets in the Atlantic to rush to assist the UK with new technologies, such as sonar and advanced radar led by General George S. Patton. Meanwhile on the home front, we begin to ramp up production on our fighter craft and the P-51 Mustang by North American Aviation begins production and production is ramped up on war material and vehicles. We begin to station troops in Southern Africa that is controlled by the British in order to commence stationing troops there. SECRET: We ask for the Eastern USSR to attack the Germans once they rebuild their forces. We continue the Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear bomb for our nation to use against either the Japanese or the Germans.

British Radar & Sonar is superior to yours

  • SECRET: We accept, if we can forge an alliance.
  • US Secret Diplomacy: We accept your offer for an alliance.
  • Arabian : Arabia, to further its economy, has built four oil refineries at $16 billion and are now selling oil for $4 a barrel and gas $7 a barrel.
  • Nat. Spain: Francisco Franco decides to join the Axis. The nation builds up its own military and asks alliance with the Third Reich and Italy.
    • TR Dip: We accept.
  • Japan: With French aggression in Indochina we decide to send more soldiers to calm the situation. We work on our navy as we officially plan Operation Hawaii. We ask our new ally the ESU to help us both with weaponry and with manpower. Due to our occupation of the Aleutian Islands and Midway we attempt to intercept American information and tactics. Secret: We send out diplomats to Mexico where they shall discuss a secret alliance and co-operation during Operation Hawaii.
  • Nationalist Argentina: We Start to build up our military as we prepare for war. We are making weapons at an amazing rate. We send 250,000 men for border security fearing an attack from the north. Our economy growth is slowly speeding up. We send navy ships out in the Pacific to support the Japanese War efforts in the Pacific.
  • Chile: We start building up our navy to help the Japanese war support in the Pacific. Our economy is starting to increase as we start making Warships.
  • Britain: Clement Atlee is appointed PM, after Winston Churchill resigns. Atlee sends a diplomat to Nazi Germany, offering to sign an armistice, as neither of the two Countries can destroy each other. Spitfires take to the skies once more, and the 109s are destroyed. (Britain has absolute air superiority at this point in the war) Britain respectfully declines the American "Assistance" with Technology. Bombing raids on Germany are discontinued.
    • TR Dip: We accept the Armistice with Britain.
  • Brazil:secretly asks for support from USA and UK to free axis influence from South America. Navy, army and air force are built up.
    • Nationalist Argentina dip: Secretly asks Japan and the Third Reich for troops in preparation for a surprise allied attack. troops are told to fire if fired upon.
      • TR Dip: We accept the offer and prepare to send the 20th Panzer Gren, 25th Panzer, Panzer Gren. GrossDeutschland, 179th Reserve Panzer, 29th Infantry, 99th Light Infantry, 18th Artillery, and 7th Parachute. This brings the total count of infantry to approximately 135,000 men, with around 350 Panzers, 90 Artillery Pieces, and 600 Fighters and Bombers.
  • Chile: we start to make aerial units and raise the economy


Britain and Germany agree to an armistice, which is the end of the war in Europe.

Armistice ends the war.

German troops land in Nationalist Argentina, re-inforcing the Argentinian army.

The Vichy French government officially apologizes for the actions of their troops in French Indochina.

The American fleet loses the Battle Of The Aleutian Islands.

A harsh winter storm engulfs Alaska, Scandinavia, and Northern Russia. 

Adolf Hitler is attacked in Moscow, like Mussolini. He suffers minor injuries, but the city is then essentially burned to the ground in response to this action. Russians begin rising up in the east, also in response.

With the Battle of the Aleutian islands being lost, the news spread quickly causing unrest in the American nation as the Pacific War does not seem as successful as expected and the current government is being criticized for its decisions. 

  • Third Reich: Plans for the new bomber are found, developed by Heinkel. It is called the Heinkel 121. It has a max speed of 540 KPH, with a maximum range of 2,700 KM. A service ceiling of 7,000 meters. It has three 20mm machine gun cannons, in the spots requested by the Luftwaffe. It is a minor step above the Heinkel 111, which has been used for a long while, and is obsolete. Production begins in the summer of next year. The tank which would have invaded Britain is found, and designated as the SumpfGeher I, or SfG 1. It is based on a wider Panzer 38t chassis, and has triangular turret design, with a better 5,5cm gun. It is the better of the designs to be submitted, although it is not what the Wehrmacht were expecting. It has a top speed of 40 kph, 30 mm of armour, and of course, the 5,5cm gun. It has a hull-mounted MG-42. Due to the wider chassis, it also has wider tracks, would would have helped it in the marsh conditions. Production begins next year in the summer.
  • British Diplomacy: We request an NAP with Germany, or a military alliance.
  • TR Dip: We accept an NAP.
    • Armistice means the war is over, so you would not still be preparing to invade...
    • That size of tank is basically impossible, and that design is infeasible in the extreme
    • If you don't mind, I fixed it to your standards
  • Nationalist Argentina We invade Southern Brazil and Uruguay. We ask for all Axis nations to support in our efforts in invading Brazil and Uruguay in our conquest of South America. We send our troops and the Third Reich aid into the Uruguayan territory's and into the southern part of Brazil up to the city of Curitiba and fire at all the troops along the way we send another 65,000 men across the border with 100 Henshels with current aid. Our Economy increases drastically because of the tank and warship productions. We send a request to Italy and Japan to help us in this effort, as it would be an important victory for the Argentinian race and for the Axis. We start working on our Nuclear Program to create a bomb to keep the US in check.
    • Nationalist Argentinian dip we would like to ask Japan, Italy, and Spain to help us in South America. All countries are welcome to help
  • America: We are able to get General MacArthur out of retirement and we deploy troops to the South American front to keep Argentina in check. We decide to find a way to get the British back on the Allied side again, but now the only question that remains is:how? In the meantime, General Patton is reassigned to South America, since Europe is no longer much of a problem unless the EUSSR moves in into German territory. We attempt to instigate civil unrest in Germany and Vichy France as well as Italy in order to overthrow the German and Italian governments. We decide to continue manufacturing on the P-51 Mustangs and we go ahead and ask for a contest sponsored by the US Government to create new designs, all of which will be applied based on feasibility and practicability. We ask for the rest of South America to join our side on the Allied cause, seeing that Nationalist Argentina is turning into a problem. We decide to launch another offensive against the Aleutian Islands after the Second Battle of Midway while simultaneously launching an offensive to retake Uruguay, led by a joint Brazilian-American force. SECRET: We continue the Manhattan Project and urge for the EUSSR to take advantage of the uprising in Western Russia to help stop the Nazis in their tracks, while we distract them in South America.
  • 'China:' Our offer to Japan stil stands, as does the conditions of said offer.  The military and economy are expanded. A focus on our naval power begins in an effort to exceed the Japanese expectations. If Japan is willing, we will enter talks for a Treaty to end the Second Shino-Japanese war.
  • Ireland: Troubled by the continued war in the pacific, Irish President De Valarie publicly states his support for the Allies, such as the USA and Soviet Russia. However, he doe not states his support for Britain, but secretly has down allied aircraft pilots driven back to Northern Ireland. He begins attemptsing to improve the economy of Ireland, and calls upon a "United Nations" to be formed to replace the League of Nations. He makes plans to open an embassy in Berlin and Rome. Dublin undergoes major infrastructure development.
    • 'Nationalist Argentinian Dip we agree with Ireland that some kind of United Nations to try to keep our country's and colonies in check. However, we think that we should have some type of United Nations within the axis called Achsenmächte to keep in touch with each other.
    • Dude... Ireland did this throughout the war. They would drive allied aircraft pilots back to Northern Ireland. I have proof.
  • I know, but, and this may be hard for you to understand, THE WAR IN EUROPE IS OVER. THERE ARE NO DOWNED ALLIED PILOTS. Also, Northern Ireland is UK
  • Chile we support Argentina and attack the Falkland Islands with out built up navy as we deploy our six new carriers and 20 battleships to invade the islands.

The Falkland Islands are British. Britain is not at war with you. Also, Chile can not afford even one carrier, and no Battleships. Jesus ... Chile did have one battleship, by the way, but no carriers. 1 =/= 20

  • Britain: Britain moves troops into Northern Ireland, following the Irish aggression. British Troops are withdrawn fro all theaters, and the Royal Navy moves to the Falkland Islands to protect their neutrality. British Troops arrive on the Islands. A new Spitfire is unveiled, reaching unparalleled speeds. Atlee, and the Labour Party, bring in a revolutionary new National Health Service, which is wildly popular. British Forces are withdrawn around the world, and the British Dominions are instructed to remain strictly neutral in any conflicts. A request is sent to Japan, requesting they cease any attacks on Australia and New Zealand, or force will be met with Force.
  • Sweden: Sweden is glad that hostilities are at an end, at least in Europe. Sweden wishes to establish trade with the Third Reich and Britain. The recent war has convinced many in the government to invest more in national defense, and new ships, planes and tanks are developed.
    • Britain: Accepts
    • TR Dip: We accept trade
  • Japan: As we celebrate our two victories two new battles hit our naval forces. Operation Hawaii is quickly adapted to the current situation and is planned to attack in Winter, a news which is sent to the members of the Axis.
    • Nationalist Argentinian Dip:SECRET Asks if Japan if they would like naval assistance on operation Hawaii. We would send 1 destroyer and 5 warships as well as two aircraft carriers.
    • Chinese Dip:We ask that Japan negotiate the terms of our co-operation during the planned Operation Hawaii.
    • Irish Dip: We condemn Japan's aggression.
    • British Diplomacy: We request that the Japanese refrain from attacking Australia, India or New Zealand at any point in the future, as this would force us to declare war.
    • Irish Dip SECRET: We request that Britain help us improve our military by supplying weapons. Ireland shall remain neutral, of course, but the fact remains that tensions are still high in Europe, and we could find ourselves fighting for our lives. It is in the interest of self defence.
    • Japanese Dip: We ask the Chinese for a private discussion (Chat, leave a message on talk page when you're online). We also ensure the British that New Zealand and Australia will not be attacked, but we do suggest that both of them become trade partners of the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Secret: We agree, but shall discuss Operation Hawaii also privately (Chat)


American forces arrive in South America to combat the joint Argentinian-German forces with the Brazilians.

The Japanese forces still fight on in the Pacific, to the condemnation of the Allied forces.

Popular opinion in the USA is against the War, and more geared towards isolationist policies. General MacArthur requests to be withdrawn, and retire.

The revolts in Western Russia get worse as the Germans suppress them.

The Falkland Islands become a point of interest for many of the nations of the world.

The storm in the northern regions of the world continues.

With the increased victories of Japan against America, Mexico decreases the amount of soldiers it sends to America. The nation also considers becoming neutral again.

Third Reich: A new design in tank destroyer, the Fallensteller I 'Anakonda' , or FaSt 1, is designed for the wars in South America. It is based on the Panzer III chassis, with a rhombus shape on top, with the sides sloping to the ends of the tank. It has 80 mm of armour, and the 10,5cm Stu.H 42 L/28 howitzer with High-Explosive Shells, found on some Hetzer and StuG III models. It has a new engine with higher horse power, used for quick re-positioning and elimination of forest obstacles. The max speed is 45 kph. The SfG 1 project is put on the back burner while focus shifts to this new model. Production will be done next summer.

We also send a Panzer Grenadier division to put down the uprisings in Russia. Production of Tiger models continue, along with the TD models of the Tigers. Flamethrower production increases as we prepare for the inevitable invasion of the Amazon. We ship 100 of the water-proofed Panzers that were supposed to take part in Operation: Sealion down to Argentina to support the other Panzer IIIs and IVs we have sent down there.

We begin bombing Brazilian cities and suspected military convoys of the Americans and Brazilians. Heavy tanks are withheld from service in the jungle, where we fear they might do poorly. Production of medium, light tanks, and tank destroyers continues for the South American campaign, named 'Operation: Vulture' by the German High Command.

Nationalist Argentina We have came up with a new air bomber called Bombarderos Aire 1 it is the size of a 3 mini-vans and has the firepower of 2 1/4 rifles. It's production begun immediately and is now being used in the invasion of Brazil, and in emergency crises across the country. We also made a new long range missiles that can fire for up to 280 miles. We are using these to bomb Rio de Janeiro

We are sending some of our new bombers to the Third Reich to keep the ESU in check and some to japan to help defeat the Americans in the pacific. Again we ask help of any country in the world to help us win this war ALL ARE WELCOME TO SUPPORT THE AXIS.

We also begin the bombing of Brazilian Power plants to cut power from the allies. We are sending another 700,000 men, 250 Bombarderos Aires, and nine warships along the coast to invade Southern Brazil as we begin 'Operation: Vulture' to invade Brazil. SECRET We continue our progress on a nuclear weaponry, As we work closer to an atomic bomb to use against the allies.

America: General Patton's and General MacArthur's men are deployed to Brazil and Admiral Nimitz decides to launch 2 more additional offensives into Midway and the Aleutian Islands in order to retake both positions with both forces equally strong in size. We deploy some forces to Hawaii to protect the islands. We continue to ramp up production and we launch Operation: Pacific Freedom as a major offensive lead by Admiral Nimitz and Operation: Amazonian Storm to counter Operation: Vulture lead by General Patton and General MacArthur, with their assistant General Eisenhower. We deploy the P-51 Mustang to counter the German attacks, while simultaneously deploying it in the Pacific to establish air dominance over the region that is within range of us and to assist in the Second Battle of the Aleutian Islands and the Third Battle of Midway. and ask for any nation on the planet to assist the Allies. We also ask for the UK to rejoin the Allies, fearing the fact that eventually the Germans will betray the British people. We begin bombing German locations in South America in retaliation for the bombardments against our convoys and begin fortifying whatever free areas of Brazil remain and the rest of South America.We begin rebuilding the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii to counter the Japanese and prepare for a potential offensive there. SECRET: We continue the Manhattan Project and begin to send support to the rebels in Western Russia and ask for the EUSSR to attack the Germans when they finish rebuilding. We begin designing and producing the M26 Pershing tank and begin deployment in South America. We begin speeding up production of the P-59 Airacomet, made by Bell Aircraft and begin deployment of them in South America and the Pacific to assist the P-51 Mustang.

  • You have lost, twice. You basically have no pacific fleet left ... Also, you can not reach Germany to bomb it.
  • Dude, it isn't Germany itself I am bombing, its bombing enemy troops in Brazil (which is different.)
  • ESU: Builds a large army numbering in the millions. The Russians would like to ask if they can receive Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad back. Or war will come.
  • TR Dip: We decline this ridiculous offer.
  • Irish Dip: We request that trade be opened with the USA so we may acquire weapons in case of war.
    • Most of Russia's soldiers came from the west, which has fallen

Chile We recruit troops and are sending them to Brazil for combat. We also start making some rifles for the Axis Army. Our infrastructure is improving since we joined the Axis.

Ireland: Ireland announces that they will continue to remain neutral, but request that they may buy sub-machine guns from America and Britain, while at the same time planning for any war with any major power that can reach Ireland, due to high tensions. Ireland begins building roads and improving infrastructure. Ireland forms a neutral league, designed to ensure that all neutral countries may have an ally in case of war.

It's illogical to officially remain neutral and state that you're preparing to fight a war. Although I do support a third alliance countering the Allies and the Axis. I might add an event for NPC nations joining it -Sky.

Should have been more specific. ANY major power. Because, I may eventually have to. Spar.

Australia: Most people want to stop the war but because the elite units from Europe and Africa are coming home the generals want to continue the war. As a compromise a truce with Japan is asked. Still more men are recruited. The cry for more autonomy becomes bigger.

Jap Dip: We accept a truce if Australia joins the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. 

Austr. Dip: We may accept if we know a little more about this "Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". (What is it exactly?) look at this link

Australia had pretty much total Autonomy, and the Generals wouldn't want to continue the war ... Also, you realise you haven't actually fought the Japanese yet?

But we are at war. 

Just to make it clear, the GEACPS would actually be a trade (+defense) agreement. Not all nations which join would be puppet states. -Sky

Austr. Dip: We accept but we demand the immediate release of all Australian prisoners and self-autonomy.

Japan Dip: These terms are accepted and Australian prisoners are released and sent back to Australia. 

Cuba: After long years of American domination, the Cuban people were disgusted. A military coup led by a military officer named Fulgencio Batista became successful, and people cheered at him as a hero. He announced that the country would join the side of the Axis. Sugar plantations are nationalized. Anti-American sentiment grows.

  • Nationalist Argentina Dip: (TOP SECRET) we ask Cuba if we can set up missiles in your country and send troops there for your protection from the United States.

Nationalist Spain: The nation builds up its infrastructure. Also, the Caudillo says that he will not attack Portugal nor the Third Reich, in order to avoid possible conflicts.

Japan: With our victories over the Americans we make preparations for operation Hawaii. with scout-planes flying nearer to Hawaii and ships stationed in Midway preparing to set sail. We also continue driving out French officials from French Indochina (Note: French Indochina wasn't very much controlled by French, anyways) and use the low-paid labour there to fuel our war machine. We ask the Germans for tank blueprints in order to improve our own tanks.

  • Nationalist Argentinian Dip: SECRET Asks if Japan if they would like naval assistance on operation Hawaii. We would send one destroyer and five warships as well as two aircraft carriers.
  • Britain: Britain requests that America returns our scientists to Britain and our data, from the Manhattan Project, or we will consider it an act of Aggression, and react accordingly. Canada is instructed to withdraw from all aid to the Americans. South Africa begins aiding the Axis, unbeknownst to Britain.
  • American Diplomacy: We request a truce with the Axis powers, IF the occupied territories are freed and the former possessions in the Pacific returned to the US. We also ask for a compromise with the UK. We will return all the scientists to the UK and their data and in exchange, OUR scientists will be trained and any knowledge of the Manhattan Project is to be maintained secret.
    • UKD: We must insist that our Scientists are returned post haste, and we refuse the compromise.
    • Nationalist Argentina we refuse the compromise as we do not agree that the us would keep so much land
    • Japan D: We completely refuse this banal request as the USA is not in a position to make any conditions.
    • TR Dip: We refuse.
  • China: With an agreement reached between China and Japan, we prepare to re-occupy the lands taking from us. Hong Kong will remain under Japanese occupation until the end of the war, and Taiwan and Manchuria will remain colonies of Japan. Military and economy improve. Tensions run high between the Communists and Republicans, though the latter remain in power.We request to join the Axis powers, and declare war on the US to aid Japan. We offer Japan 300,000 soldiers. We also prepare for an invasion of Tibet in secret. The Communists use the Republican's choice of siding with Japan as a way to gain support for there cause, while the Republicans see the advantage of siding with the Axis.
  • Japan Dip: We agree that China should join the Axis.
  • TR Dip: We also agree.
  • NA Argentina agrees.


Adolf Hitler recovers after his attack in Moscow.

The Russian rebellions do not grow but continue due to German suppression.

The Chinese join the Axis.

Moscow begins to be rebuilt as 'New Moscow'.

After the armistice between Britain and the Axis, India and the Azad Hind enter discussions about re-unifying their territories. The sense of Indian nationalism grows.

Nationalist Argentina: We Attack Brazil moving almost 120 miles across the Brazilian border, annexing any land along our way. We launch a naval attack on Rio De Janeiro, invading the people of the city out. Our economy has increased an significant amount the past year, because of the production of two naval destroyers, four warships, and one aircraft carrier which are sent to Rio. We also have made 450 Henshels, 170 Bombarderos Aire's, and recruited 70,000 men to go help the invasion of Brazil.Secret We Decide to send 40,000 men to the Third Reich and 175 Bombarderos Aires to keep the Situation in Russia at a safe level. Called Operation El Bloque it's the plan to keep the ESU in check. We also ask the British their nuclear research as it would help with our slowly developing nuclear program.

Third Reich: The 100 Panzers that arrived in Brazil are grouped into 28th and 29th Panzer Divisions. They begin fighting on the front lines. These include some flame tanks, which help drive some Brazilians out of their jungles. The German Fleet begins shelling the Brazilian coastal cities along with bombing raids by German bombers. The 2nd Artillery Division is sent to Brazil along with the 122nd Infantry,110th Infantry, 101st Jagers, 97th Light Infantry, 1st Panzers, and 2nd Panzers. This increases the amount of infantry by 60,000, plus 90 more artillery pieces, and 300 more Panzers. The rest of the army prepares to invade Russia, in Operation: El Bloque. We keep producing tanks and airplanes. We also begin producing warships, and regrouping the remaining Kriegsmarine to the Mediterranean. This includes all ships but the ones fighting in South America.

America: We decide to finally launch Operation: South American Freedom and we use this as part of a major counter attack against Argentinian forces. We continue to produce and deploy lots of troops and weapons, combined with new technologies such as jet planes and other things.The P-59 Airacromet is deployed to South America and we use it to establish air dominance. We continue to rebuild the navy and we also deploy the P-59 there along with our P-51 Mustangs. General Patton is able to launch an offensive into Cuba and Chile as part of Operation: South American Freedom. Operation: Pacific Freedom is being in the proposal stage by Admiral Nimitz who barely survived the Second Battle of Midway.General MacArthur is sent to deal with the counter-attack against Argentina, taking advantage of the diversions set up by the Russians in Western Russia. After the British attempted to retake the scientists, we decide to launch a coup d'etat there to establish a pro-Allied government there, and we support the Chinese Communists in the hopes that this gets the EUSSR to rejoin the war under our side. We as a result decide to launch an invasion of Argentina from Paraguay which is lead by General Eisenhower, assistant to Patton and MacArthur. SECRET: We continue to develop the Manhattan Project and we continue to research new technologies and we decide not to let the scientists leave the US as we plan to allow them to become US citizens. So it is currently their choice as to whether they remain in the US or leave for the UK.

  • UK: SECRET: At the dead of night, UK commandos, in German Uniforms, with German Guns, raid the Manhattan project. Cadavers are put in the place of the British Scientists, the Americans are killed, and the building Burnt down. A Nazi Flag is planted in the ruins. More later

Japan: Operation Hawaii is launched. The massive Japanese fleet, after scouting Hawaii and surroundings, invades Alaska. Alaska, without the help of Canada, is left-near defenseless. We develop the Type 4 Chi-To and prepare mass production. Victory in Alaska is achieved. The Japanese celebrate as they conquer American soil. We take full control of French Indochina, due to the French only ruling de jure for the last four years.


Do NOT strike out posts, you are not a mod anymore. And another thing, Local and I are not biased. I have attacked Alaska while you prepared to defend Hawaii. I'm going to give you a chance to say you're sorry before I ban your ass for three turns for crossing out other people's posts and using harsh language. P.S. I just now noticed that you removed Local from mods list and added yourself. You're on thin ice, Ratc, and the sun is rising. 

Doesn't mean you get your chance to cross out half my posts and ruin my plans. Now uncross them unless you want to be impeached along with local.  Now f*** off!!!!!

Maybe I should be the USA instead of Ratc. Sorry dude, but you must calm down. (Posted by Spartian300)

Spartian you are not able to take ANY major power -Sky.

I would do better then Ratc, but I just want to my native country. I'm just a patriot. Also, ratc has a point: America would fight off the invasion of Alaska, as it is way too far for Japan to actually take it. I just don't want the USA to die! U S A ! U S A

They've lost a large chunk of their navy, the population don't support them, and the Canadians are not willing for them to go through them to reach Alaska.

Well I'm going on with the game....

  • ​China: Communist Militant groups emerge in Northern China, The Chinese Civil War begins again. The republican government asks axis nations for supplies and aid in modernizing there military. Beijing and Shanghai fall to the Communists. Republican controlled China works on improving its military and infrastructure. With both Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek both in Japan as per the agreement with the Japanese government, we ask the Mao is killed by the Japanese government.
    • Nationalist Argentina dip We ask permission to send 250 Bombarderos Aire's and 15,000 men to China help the republicans fight the Communists.
  • Australia:  We demobilize and the industry produces mainly consumer products. Because of the trade agreement with Japan, more factories can be build. A request is sent to New Zealand to work closer to each other and we also send a trade agreement. Secret: We will declare total independence next year, and we suggest they do the same. The people are happy with the peace although some patriots don't want Australia to be part of the GEACPS.
  • Australia have no reason to declare independence. At all. Wait for it to be granted
  • Chile: We send 230,000 men to the Brazilian border to prepare for another round of invasion. We continue to improve our economy as well as recruit another 100,000 men to the military.
  • Ireland begins conscription, and requests to trade with the Third Reich. We slowly begin modernizing the nation, and attempt to build simple, but effect, tanks. We begin training the army in case of war, and open talks with Britain concerning trade. A bomb goes off in Dublin, killing 40 people. Loyalists are blamed, so, in response, the IRA declares war upon Britain, and bombs Belfast, killing 35. Ireland now finds itself in a horrible position: war between Britain and the IRA. (It's the troubles.)
  • My response to Ireland's post: 
    Jackiechan confused1


  • You declare war on Britain and ask Britain for a trade I feel like Jackie Chan
  • What? No. That is nonsensical, and you don't control the IRA


The Russians in Western Russia rise up into a full rebellion and begin seizing towns.

The Axis win the Battle Of Brazil.

Mao Zedong is executed by Japanese officials. This causes the moral of the Chinese Communists to drop massively, due to the loss of their leader.

  • Third Reich: We complete the V-1 and V-2 bombs. We continue constructing the navy more and also put some more focus on other tanks. The re-inforcements for South America arrive. Operation: El Bloque is put into effect as the German Army advances into West Russia to put down the rebellions. We also construct the Me 262 fighter. We begin making them instead of regular piston fighters. The new tanks and aircraft are almost completed.
    • Nationalist Argentina dip We ask the Third Reich to send us 10 or more V bombs to use in Brazil. As we will use them to fire long range attacks in Brazil. And to send us the blueprints for them as we can make them ourselves.
  • Nationalist Argentina: We are continuing with operation vulture as we invade Northern Brazil. We send a record breaking 3,000,000 men, 720 Henshels, and 780 Bombordeos Aires to help with this invasion as we need as much help as we can to win Brazil.We also send 100,000 extra recruited men to invade Bolivia. Our infrastructure is improving as we hold a mandatory news conference to enforce the laws of the nation as we help.We ask any Axis country not at war to help us in Brazil.Secret We ask the Axis Country's to hold a meeting in Berlin, Germany for a meeting on nuclear weapons, the Allies, and Operation Vulture.
    • Nationalist Spain: We send 500,000 men in Brazil, in order to help Argentina.
  • Ireland: We begin building factories, albeit slowly. Roads are built to link up the country, and limited conscription begins. Attempts to build better guns are made, but not made public. We ask for trade with Sweden and Germany.
  • China: The Communists continue to win over the republicans. We ask that the Axis powers provide aid to the Republican government. Much of the formerly Japanese occupied zones are taken by the Communists. Military and Economy improve. We thank Argentina for their aid, but inform them and the other axis nations that the Communists still hold a strong tactical advantage.
    • Nationalist Argentina Dip: You're welcome, China.
    • Japanese Dip: Mao Zedong is executed and his head is sent to the Communists. We prepare our Manchurian divisions to march and reconquer Beijing. 
    • BTW, you'd need an algo for the Communists taking over any of my stuff. 
    • I thought that Beijing and Shanghai where returned immediately, with Hong Kong being returned after your war with the US. If I am wrong here please inform me.
  • Japan: We begin taking over the unpopulated and defenseless parts of Alaska. After the success of Operation Hawaii, we prepare for Operation Alaska. Due to us having to split our armies in order to hold both Manchuria and attack America we issue the creation of multiple weaponry factories in former French Indochina and the Philippines.
  • ESU: The Red Army continues to build it's military, and strengthens relations with Japan.
    • ESU diplomacy: Requests an alliance with Britain and an NAP with the United States of America.
    • Japan Dip: We state that an alliance with the USA would worsen the Soviet-Japanese relations.
  • Australia: We stop sending military supplies to Japan. This action is NOT an act of aggression. We just want to stop the war. The industry flourishes. We ask for total independence from Great Britain. 



With Mao's execution the moral of the Chinese Communists drops, as they have lost their leader. Hua Guofeng assumes his position as leader of the Communists. The Republicans, on the other hand, celebrate the execution of Mao Zedong, causing their morals to rise.

Following severe defeats across the board, the USA becomes incredibly isolationist, and anti war (-5 lost for US in every algo)

​I think severe defeats wouldn't end their algo by 5. Maybe their morale is -5 or something of the sort. But there is no reason to weigh down the United States anymore. Isolationism also wouldn't lead to less algo score. In fact it would just make it more implausible for USA to keep fighting. SwankyJ (talk) 23:10, March 5, 2014 (UTC)

But Ratc is not accepting that the US is not supposed to still be fighting, so we are penalizing him until he gets the picture.

What do you mean not doing that to happen? And please sign your name. SwankyJ (talk) 23:59, March 6, 2014 (UTC)

Ireland: We ask for a trade agreement with the Third Reich. As we continue to modernize, we begin buying guns for the army.

Spartian, you are not a mod ...

IS THIS GAME DEAD?! Flag of the Republic of China Saturn120 War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army 23:01, March 25, 2014 (UTC)