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Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief in North America.

King George III of Britain had been at war with the rebellious American colonies for seven years, engaging in intense fighting and bloodshed. However by 1783 the British army in America had all but been defeated at the hands of the revolutionary armies and their European allies. The King now essentially wanted to now punish the colonists by waging as he put it an "Eternal war" this would mean sending more armies to North America, targetting civilians, destruction homes and villages, inspire more Loyalists and Indian allies to rise, until eventually the rebels would have to beg the King for forgiveness. But as the war went on and the King lost favour in Parliament it wasn't to be, this timeline will explore if King George had been able to wage a very long war against the United States of America.

British Increase (1782)

After General Cornwallis defeat at Yorktown, the King sent more warships and a fleet of 10,000 men straight to the captured Yorktown, besieging the coastal city, battling against Colonials for 4 days until they were victorious, taking few casualties whilst the American troops were forced back. Many troops also surrendered and defecting with 1000 patriots joining the British cause.

New York

The British reopened the Northern Front, by sending fresh troops to the New York province, they also managed to re-organise and mass a large force of Loyalists, both militia and regulars.

Psychological Warfare

With the renewed British offensive, the American patriots began to question how long would it take for them to achieve liberty from the cruel King. This caused many defections throughout 1781, 1200 troops defected after a small skirmish with Loyalist militia.

General Benedict Arnold

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