Napoleon and Washington

World as of 1991


This a world where Napoleon met victory and the United States achieved Manifest Destiny across the North American Continent.

In the Americas many nations took the US model forming nations such as the United States of Brazil, United States of South America, United States of the River Plate, and the United States of Central America.

In Europe, the Son of Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine created the European Universe, an evolution of the Continental System, securing power over the European Continent.

The East remains very Imperial with China, Japan, India and Indonesia creating an alliance against the Western Powers of the USA, and the French Empire.


The world exists in an atompunk style where 1945-65 culture remains dominant among society.  Notable technological achievements are robots, power armor and cyborgnetic creatures which were achieved by 1991.

Nuclear Technology still poses a threat for complete anniliation of the Earth


Christianity remains the top Religion in the World with Europe, Oceania, the America's, Africa and Parts of Asia being Christian lands however Islam still remains #2 

The importance of God is still popular in the world but their are very few religious wars considering the major hot spots are under the control of the world powers


Late 18th centurty to early 19th century After the US became an independent state it encompased the 13 colonies of the otl and British Canada

When the constitution was adopted, Washington became the first President of the United States of America

During the Napoleonic Wars, America joined with France after France gave Louissianna

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