Democratic Socialist Republic of Long Island
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Flag of Long Island
Long Island New York Nassau Suffolk
Location of Long Island
Anthem "Odes Of Montauk"
Capital Mineola
Largest city Upper Brooklyn
English, Algonquin, French
  others 14 recgonized, hundreds others
Religion Catholic 51%
Protestant 22%
Judaism 10%
Unaffiliated 7%
Buddhism 6%
Islam 2%
Hinduism 1%
Other 1%
Ethnic Group British 50%
African American 30%
Native American 15%
Asian 3%
Other 2%
Demonym Cityislanders
Government Socialist Semi-Presidential Democacy
President Asyemi Atort
Governor-General Barack Utno
Chancellor Couzyn Mahebas
Area 1,544 mi²
Population 10,109,110 
Independence from United States of America
  declared May 3, 1919
Currency Dollar
Calling Code +899
Internet TLD .ls

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Long Island (Algonquin: Paumanok) is an autonomous state of New England consisting of 19 provinces and 1 teritory. Located around the Atlantic Ocean, it goes from East Jersey Territory to the Montauk Plains covering a total area of 1,544 square miles. It is a rather small, but not a city-state.


Province (Territory) Population
Upper Brooklyn 2,221,847
Queenstown 2,119,097
Brokesley 1,045,631
East Jersey 1,013,608
Weston 995,126
Hampton 787,912
Staten Island 476,982
Eastern Mark 399,424
Smith 301,760
Oystand 284,125
Babylon 271,098
Fire Island 103,558
Montauk Plains 88,942
Total 10,109,110
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

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