State of Long Island
— State of New Netherland
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: Brooklyn, Nassau County, Queens,
and Suffolk County.
Flag of Long Island (13 Fallen Stars)
Flag of Long Island
Long Island Landsat Mosaic
Mosaic map of Long Island.
Capital Hempstead
Largest city Brooklyn
Other cities Long Beach, Long Island City
Demonym Long Islander
Area 8,033 km²
Population 8,907,681 
Established 1790
Admission June 26, 1792
Abbreviations LI, NN-LI

The State of Long Island, colloquially known as Long Island, is a state of the United States of New Netherland. As its namesake suggests, Long Island is an insular state located in eastern New Netherland and consists of Long Island and several islets. Long Island borders East Jersey and New York to the west and a maritime border with New England to the north.

Originally inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking peoples (most notably the Montaukett and the Shinnecock), the island became divided between the British in the east and the Dutch in the east. Once under full British control by the late 1600s, Long Island was incorporated into the Province of New York. Long Islanders were divided during the American Revolution, most noted in the split of Hempstead between the Loyalist south and the Patriotic north. Throughout the war, Long Island and southern New York were under British occupation.

Following the dissolution of the United States of America in 1787, many Long Islanders opposed this and began to grow closer to New England. When war breaks out over Vermont, a group calling themselves the "Long Island Boys" attempted to do the same. In response, New Jersey and New York troops entered Long Island to regain control by 1791 (shortly before the conclusion of the Vermont War). Despite the failure to achieve independence, most Long Islanders began to favor greater sovereignty for their region. Under the constitutional convention of 1792, Long Island was allotted to be admitted as a state of the newly formed New Netherland.

Throughout the 1800s, Long Island's economy was dominated by fishing and whaling. By the latter-half of the century, the easternmost portions of the state (most notably the city of Brooklyn) began to grow due to its proximity to New York City. During the 20th century, Long Island developed as a suburban area of New York City and would grow to become the second-most populous state in New Netherland and one of the most wealthiest.

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