Height of the Kingdom of Italy (London Pact Honored)

Italy at its greatest extent

In the middle of World War I, the Kingdom of Italy, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom signed the London Pact in order to secure Italy's help fighting its former Allies in World War One. It was promised certain pieces of land if they won the War. In OTL this Treaty was discarded and treated as if it never happened. This timeline will explore the fact of it being honored and the effects it has on the World Today.


  • Italian irredentism never really gains a footing in Italy due the fact that there is such few lands that are considered Italian that Italy doesn't own.
  • With no support from the irredentists, the fascists never get a footing in Italy.
  • Hitler, instead of invading Russia looks south and invades Italy because he considered North Italians to be Aryans.
  • Nazi Germany and its ally Greece survive, only to have a USSR type fall.

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