1945 Battle of Omsk


1946 Hertford Rebellion


October 5, 1946


November 28, 1946


A Phyyric German Victory, Jewish Propaganda Victory

Major battles:



Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Germany

Jewish Resistance Fighters


Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Marshal Eric Von-Manstine

Alexander Goldman




Casualties and Losses



The London Ghetto Uprising was a series of coordinated attacks by British Jewish resistance fighters, commanded from the Whitechapel districts in occupied London. Carefully planned and organised by the British and Jewish resistance, it sparked off a mass uprising in the city.

Causes of the Conflict

After the German conquest of Britain, the British Jewish population was, as in Poland, subjected to the harsh ghettos where most already lived, specifically in Whitechapel, London. It became a center for British resistance, as many Jews were already part of the guerrilla group and had maintained links with the Allies. Many of the Jews were also part of the Communist party, now an armed resistance group, e.g "British Liberation Army". Alexander Goldman, a prominent leading rebel fighter and Jew, helped plan out a massive rebellion beginning from the ghettos of Whitechapel, where he himself grew up. With tight communication and months of planning, the Jews of the London Ghettos were now ordered to spark an uprising; they were smuggled weapons and ammo by American forces.

First Phase

A strong force of 600 Jewish partisans was merged and immediately began targeting German occupational personnel. They stormed the camps, and killed hundreds of German forces within hours. German troops and Waffen SS reinforcements were deployed and after heavy fighting in the streets of East London, the uprising was crushed but only after mass destruction and heavy casualties of the Wehrmacht forces. London born, Alexander Goldman was also killed in the battle, holding out in a block of flats, the Nazis finally storming it and killing him.

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