The London Peace Conference is an ongoing conference to help end WWIV and to re-establish peaceful relations between NATO and the EU and the SDP. Every nation that wishes to come may present their arguments and terms.

The Conference

British Terms: These are our terms.

  • The Federation of the Americas recognises the United Kingdom's sovereignty as a superpower, no longer condescends it, and publicly apologises for doing so
  • The state of Sabah will be independent of British Borneo and the Philippines but will remain a state under the EU until it is stabilised and capable of running itself.
  • Indonesia will be split between the nationalist party and the democratic party.
  • USA and FoA forces will pay for damages to Indonesia.
  • The Philippines and the UK will pay for damages to Sabah.
  • The Federation and Southern Defence Pact will not pressure the UK, France, or any other major power into giving up colonies as it has caused major global instability. (i.e. Southeast Asia)
  • The Federation and all non-European members of the SDP will stay out of European politics (unless it involves a war between communists) and let them be handled by the European powers.
  • Cuba be released as independent or a protectorate of the USA.
  • We revive the NAC (Nations Against Communism) since it helped to bring us closer together and focus on a common enemy: The Communists.
  • We revive the UN.
  • Members of the SDP open up to major trade with nations outside of the organisation.
  • Yemen: I don't accept these terms (I have 5000 troops fighting under the nationalists) they are almost all unfeasible.
  • British Diplomacy: Then make up terms that you think are feasible.
  • Yemen Terms: I don't give a monkey where it is held so I will propose my terms
  • All foreign parties will leave the Philippines
  • The nationalists will take over Indonesia but the democrats will be granted amnesty.
  • A UN peacekeeping force consisting of the FoA, USA, UK and France will be stationed in Indonesia.
  • The UK will pay damages caused to the Philippines
  • All parties who fought in Indonesia will fund rebuilding

Anything I missed

British Diplomacy: We agree to pretty much all your terms and wish to add them to ours but you did leave out one thing. The Philippines did just as much damage, if not more, to British Borneo so they should pay to help rebuild.

French Proposal:

  • All forces withdraw from Indoniesia except for a skeleton force that will maintain order. 
  • A referendum is held on each island on whether they choose to join the Sumatran-based Indonesian state or the Javanese-led one with the goal being a united Indonesia under a democratically chosen government. 
  • Indochinese and Indian troops will provide a peace keeping force. 
  • prisoner exchange overseen by french supervision. 
  • Yemen agrees

British Diplomacy: We like your terms in that you think we should have a referendum on each island. British Borneoan forces will also provide a peacekeeping force if this is agreed upon.

French Dip: The french believe that no British forces should be involved in the peacekeeping as it was part of the original conflict 

as such Yndochinese, and Indian or Chinese troops would provide the peacekeeping troops. 

US Diplomacy: The US agrees to the French proposal only if the referendum is held after the Javanese and Sumatran forces withdraw from their respective fronts

due to the soviet invasion of Europe the French propose all sides agree to a ceasefire and focus on the greater threat to world pea e which is a resurgent Communist bloc. 

British Diplomacy: We agree but after the Soviets are defeated we would like for these terms to be agreed upon and enacted. 

Nationalist Diplomacy: If the French and the British are so interested in holding referendums, they can hold such referendums in Algeria, Tunisia and Sarawak. The Nationalists denounce any attempt to divide the unity of Indonesia, and shall at no point support the partition of Indonesia. 


  • We will no apologize to a power that spent 300 years of its history being a condescending power with a superiority complex.
  • We agree the French proposal is amiable but do also agree that the Sumatrans and Nationalists will have to finish this war on their own time. the rest of us have the Soviet invasion of Europe to consider. And while im amiable to pulling out of Indonesia, there is no guarantee that the Nationalists and Sumatrans won't keep fighting after we leave. As much as a peacekeeping force would be possible i see the Nationalists burning out the Peacekeepers to reunite the country. We push for the Indonesian situation to be handled within its own bounds, and post war whichever side wins shall open up relations with all powers.

US diplomacy: We agree with the Federation's suggestion

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