In 1869, London was invaded by hordes of demons which have come from Hell. The invasion changed the face of the city forever.

Present Day

London now has a dwindling population due to a plague, which also killed off a lot of animals, especially horses. A protection program has been instigated to save these animals.


After the invasion, the people of London had to fend for themselves. Since only a rare type of crystal worked on the demons, some became miners. However, the crystals didn't work when they were put in a gun, so most took up fencing, archery or swordfighting as a way to protect themselves. A lot of the population has been killed off during the demon attacks, which lead to more closeness in the people.

Queen Victoria, after being given an exilir granting eternal life, became the people's Eternal Queen for a short while until she was murdered. She is the most famous person in London's history, and many decided to use bows and arrows like she did. Queen Victoria was always protected by a group of ladies-in-waiting with bows and arrows as well.


The demons had set fire to many buildings in 1869, so many had to be rebuilt. The New London Bridge was built from scraps of ruins.

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