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The city of London in the former United Kingdom was a major Western city, and European capital, that was heavily attacked on Doomsday.


The city was the seat of the British Government, home to the Royal Family, and administrative heart of the United Kingdom.

The census of 1981 recorded a total population of just under 7 million in the Greater London area, including the city itself and surrounding suburbs.

On Doomsday

Between 1.52am and 1.58am two one megatonne (1MT) weapons were detonated over the city in an airburst attack. It is assumed that they were located over Whitehall and the City of London.

Between 2.02am and 2.11am seven more nuclear explosions occur. Two 10kt weapons strike both Gatwick and Heathrow airports, a 200kt device explodes near the port of London over the river south of Dagenham, and two 100kt devices also explode - one over Shoreditch and one over Kensington.

Between 2.22am and 2.36am three more blasts occur in central London. It is estimated that they were three 100kt blasts, one near Southwark Park, one near Regents Park and one over Kentish Town.

In the immediate aftermath of the blast a massive firestorm swept the remains of the centre of London, this led to nearly 70% of the territory within the M25 motorway to burn.

Prevailing North-Easterly winds led to much of the fallout moving across southern England, into Norfolk and then into the North Sea.


The very heavy damage done by the attacks rendered the city utterly uninhabitable, and it has not been colonized or otherwise involved in any of the post-Doomsday geopolitics.

An investigatory and exploratory expedition was planned for 2012, and its results are forthcoming.

The 2012 Expedition


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