Kingdom of Lombardy
(Kingdom of Italy)
Regno Longobardo
Timeline: Novum Saeculum (Map Game)
Flag of Milan.svg
Map of lombardy1100.png
Map of Lombardy and Burgundy
Largest Cities Milan, Turin, Genoa, Parma, Brescia
Official languages Lombard
Ethnic groups  Lombard
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  Kings Henry IV of the Romans
 -  Conquest by Charlemagne 774 
 -  Otto assumes Iron Crown of Lombardy 961 
 -  Henry II invades and is crowned King of Italy 1004 

The Kingdom of Lombardy (Lombard: Regno Longobardo, Latin: Regnum Langobardorum, German: Langobardenreich), also known as the Kingdom of Italy or Lombardy-Burgundy, but more commonly known as Lombardy is one of the constituent states of the Holy Roman Empire. It is comprised of most of northern and central Italy, and is also tied to Burgundy in a personal union.

Lombardy is a relatively powerful nation in the Empire, and arguably the most important Italian state in the Empire.


Ligurians > Romans > Lombards




Some cities...


Lombard adaptation of Latin culture.

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