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Loïc Rembert (Of Clockwork and Men)

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Loïc Rembert
Rembert in 1875, dreaming of flight.
Born May 1, 1857
Saint-Marlo, France
Died 11th November 1918
Successor Josse Rembert
Political party Orléanist
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse Enora Rembert (nee Cabal)Marrried 1882
Children Josse (1883)
  • Padrig (1885)
  • Katrin (1890)
Occupation Inventor and Businessman
Years Active 1870 - 1918
Organization Rembert-Cabal Areonautics
Known for Steam Magnate, Industrialist
Notable works Napoleon Engine
Awards Honorary Degree in Promethean Engineering (University of Paris)

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