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Llywelyn Constantine Germanus ap Madog ap Iago (1172-1240) was second next in line to the throne when King Tegid (Tacitus) II went to war in Ireland in 1187 and first cousin to the king.

During the wars in Ireland, two more first cousins (Geraint and Dafydd) and a second couisn (Pedr) died either in battle (Dafydd, in 1189) or of their wounds (Geraint in January of 1191, Pedr in June), and King Tegid II died of his wounds following the Battle of Sligeach (Sligo) in March of 1191 (although the Cambrians were still victorius). However, Llywelyn's uncle, Dafydd ap Iago (who was also next in line after Llywelyn) was protecting the realm in the name of the king (who would become provisional regent pending the return of any prior claimants to the throne).

Tragedy struck, however, when the young King Tegid (who was always a sickly child) died in March of 1194. Dafydd claimed the kingship for himself, having already declared that the wounded Llywelyn had died of injuries suffered whilst in Ireland.

The rightful king, however, had already recovered when he heard of the news of his rebelious uncle, and massed his army to return to Cambria. The Council of Ireland in Dublin elected him the first hereditary ruler of all Ireland, and elevated to Duke of Meath. (The law of Ireland at the time stated that the High-King must have lands in Ireland. The King and his relations already held parts of the Kingdom of Meath, the whole of which Llywelyn eventually inherited)

In June of 1194, Llywelyn's army faced off against Dafydd's at the Battle of Wrexham, resulting in a resounding victory for the former and the death of the later.

In 1204, he was elected as the first Hereditary High-King of Dumnonia.

In 1224, he finished the task that King Tegid started, namely the unification of the Celtic nations under one ruler. In November of that year, he was crowned as the first King of Britain.

He is long remembered as The Great, one of the few Britonic Kings to hold that epithet.


Llywelyn married Sian (Jane), Countess of Mancunium (1179-1247) in 1195.


  • Magdalene Jane Cathrine (1196-1261); married Duke Geraint of North Reged, had issue.
  • David Constantine Tacitus (later David I of Britain) (1201-1266); married Countess Mary of Domoneé, had issue.
  • Justinian Llywelyn Rhodri (1203-1265); married Princess Dorothea of Swabia, had issue.
  • Mary Cathrine Guinevere (1204-1271); married King Elric II of Northumbria, had issue.
  • Ambrosius Tacitus Constantine (1208-1267); married Countess Cathrin of Dun Eidyn, had issue.

Preceded by:
David (II) of Cambria
"The Usurper"
Grand Prince of Cambria
King of Britain
David I of Britain
Preceded by:
Tacitus III of Cambria
King of Strathclyde
Preceded by:
David III of Dyfinant
High-King of Dumnonia
Preceded by:
Tacitus III of Cambria
King of Scotland
Duke of Meath
Preceded by:
New Title
King of Ireland
Preceded by:
Madog of Gwynedd
Duke of Venedotia
Preceded by:
New Title
Count of Daingean
Title next held by
Justinian of Gwynedd

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