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Llywelyn III of Wales
23rd Monarch of Wales

King of Wales
Reign 9th Nov 1982 - Present
Coronation 30th March 1983
Predecessor Arthur II
Principality of Morgannwg
Reign 21st July 1964 - 23rd April 1985
Investiture 21st July 1964
Predecessor Arthur II of Glamorgan
Successor Owain II of Glamorgan
Consort Helana Von Saltzberg
Issue Owain Oldenburg-Morgannwg - Crown Prince of Wales & Prince of Glamorgan

Grace Oldenburg-Morgannwg - Princess of Wales

Full name
Llwelyn Christian Iorwerth Rhisiart Oldenburg-Morgannwg
House Oldenburg-Morgannwg
Dynasty Morgannwg
Father Arthur II of Wales
Mother Serena Bernadotte
Born 20th July 1964
Royal Apartments, Cardiff Castle
Religion Roman Catholic

Llywelyn is the eldest of Arthur's three children and was the first post war royal to be born to the Royal Family. The Royal Family was in a perilous state. The direct royal line was down to just Arthur himself and his brother, Christian, the Duke of Deheubarth. With the birth of Llywelyn was the glimmer of dynastic stability. The young prince was soon followed by his brother, Iestyn and then Heledd, with the Duke of Deheubarth having a daughter (Catrin). This second generation of royals although separated by 9 years between eldest and youngest were brought up together, partly to foster a family spirit, partly to allow greater protection in a kingdom still troubled by republicanism and with a communist party still looming large in the political circus.

The House of Morgannwg had not had an easy time since coming to power in 1755. The House had spent 43 years at war between the 2nd War of Independence and the Civil War, and even when not at war for its very existence, the House was fighting political wars to retain power and control, with only two of the ten previous monarchs living to see past 50 and with Llywelyn already the joint second longest serving monarch from the House of Morgannwg and being joint 6th longest serving monarch (34 years as of 2016) as well as being only the third monarch to move into his fifth decade. The 20th Century had seen already a monarch die early in life to be succeeded by a fascist monarch, whose actions nearly brought the crown to its knees. The post war years seeing two monarchs who between them managed to cling to their thrones. The challenges facing him at his coronation, whilst not as drastic as those faced by his father were still considerable


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Current Line of Succession (As of 2016)

The current line of succession runs according to the amended rules of succesion of descent from King Arthur I of Wales, with direct primogeniture. The rules governing succession were originally altered during the reign of Iago, but they faced fine tuning during both Marged's and Arthur's reign to find their current form.

The revised Succession Act records the following rules for the Royal House of Oldenburg-Morgannwg.

  • The rank & title of Prince/Princess of Wales is restricted to the children and grandchildren of the monarch
  • If a Great-Grandchild does not have an independent title, they will be allowed to use the courtesy title of "Lord/Lady". However, their children will not be eligible to inheirit the right.
  • The Royal House operates a total primogeniture, giving equal rights to females in the line of succession.
  • Male line descendants lose the right to the House name of Morgannwg/Oldenburg-Morgannwg at the start of the Great-Grandchild generation in descent from a reigning monarch.
  1. HRH Owain, Crown Prince of Wales & Prince of Morgannwg
  2. HRH Prince Gruffydd of Morgannwg
  3. HRH Princess Elenora of Morgannwg
  4. HRH Grace, Princess of Wales & Duchess of Amwythig
  5. HRH Prince Deiniol of Amwythig
  6. HRH Prince Iestyn, Duke of Senghenydd
  7. HRH Prince Rhys Oldenburg-Morgannwg of Senghenydd
  8. HRH Princess Heledd, Princess Royal
  9. HRH Prince Iwan Beynon of Wales
  10. HRH Prince Christian, Duke of Deheubarth
  11. HRH Princess Catrin of Deheubarth
  12. Lord Gwilym Penderyn
  13. Lady Buddug Penderyn
  14. Otto Wittelsbach
  15. Gabriela-Anke Wittelsbach
  16. Carl Wittelsbach
  17. Charles Wittelsbach
  18. Pedro De Borbon y De  Braganza
  19. Alfonso De Borbon y De  Braganza
  20. Anna Maria De Borbon y De  Braganza
  21. Isabella De Borbon y De  Braganza
  22. Pepe Hernandez
  23. Miguel De Borbon y De Braganza
  24. Ferdinand De Borbon y De Braganza
  25. Xavi Pedro Alfonso De Borbon y De Braganza
  26. Cystennin Pugh
  27. Briallen Pugh
  28. Catriona Tomosand nee Bren
  29. Frederick Tomosand

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and Styles

  • 20th July 1964 - 9 November 1982: His Royal Highness Prince Llywelyn of Wales
  • 14th August 1981 - 9th November 1982: His Royal Highness, Llywelyn, Crown Prince of Wales
  • 21st July 1964 - 23rd April 1985: His Royal Highness Prince Llywelyn I of Morgannwg
  • 9th November 1982 to Present: His Majesty King Llywelyn III of Wales

Coat of Arms of the King

As king, Llywelyn holds the personal arms of the House of Oldenburg-Morgannwg

Final Version - Arms of Oldenburg-Morgannwg

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