Timeline: Quebec Independence
Preceded by 1918-1940 Succeeded by
Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917) Russian Empire Flag of the Russian ground forces Russia
United Baltic Duchy flag Full Coat of Arms of Livonia
Flag Coat of Arms
QI Baltic
Location of Livonia
(and largest city)
Other cities Tallin, Vilnius
Language Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

Livonia was a short lived nation in the interbellum period. Originally part of the Russian Empire, the three Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia desired independence. Upon Russia's defeat and Germany's intervention in the Russian Civil War, the three nations were given independence, and in the Treaty of Versailles they were unified into one loose federation. Germany intended to use Livonia as a buffer state and puppet ally against any future Russian aggression. With the three nations still wanting independence, rebellions broke out against German-funded strongmen ruling the nation. Things only worsened when the Great Depression of the 1930s hit. This made Livonia an easy target for Russia in 1940, which invaded and quickly conquered Livonia.

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