Living Dead Media, LLC is an American media production company headquarterd in Hamilton, HR and founded in 1996 by George Romero, of Night of the Living Dead fame. The company specializes in "alternative" media, acting as a development company for Romero-produced video games, online content and graphic novels. The company, while initially experiencing financial difficulties in the late 1990s, hit it big with the successful PC video game Rise of the Dead in 2000 and several spinoff comics, and Living Dead Media had co-production credit on the successful Dawn of the Dead remake with United Pictures. The company became publicly traded in 2005 under the symbol LIVDD on the NASDAQ. Romero sold his majority stake in the company in 2009 and resigned as Creative Director and CEO but remained as Chairman of the Board and as a creative consultant.

In November 2010, LMD debuted its massive bestseller yet with the worlwide release of World of the Dead, which took the company from a small but successful video game studio to heavyweight status. As a result of the stunning success of World of the Dead, several franchises of a darker nature have brought their business to LMD for production, most notably the November 2012 release of the first Van Helsing game since the late 1990s and the first-person shooter No Man's Land, to be released in March of 2013.

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