Live Aid! was a global concert organised by John Lennon and Midge Ure for charity, held on 13th July, 1985. The plan was to raise awareness of and money for world development, and was one of the largest international broadcasts in history. The main venues were Wembley Stadium in London and the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. Although it was quite successful in promoting the development of Third World countries, in some areas of the world, particularly Africa, this work was more than undone by the consequences of the Ukimwi epidemic in the next few years and the millions of casualties resulting from the Third World War in Africa and Asia.

Significance in popular culture

Regardless of the political and social consequences of the concert, it is highly significant in terms of popular culture, for three reasons. Firstly, it marked the final public appearance of Abba, and was followed by the release of their last album, all of whose proceeds went to the Live Aid charity. Secondly, it was characterised by the surprise reformation of the Beatles. These two events occurring on the same day lead to the concert being regarded as a cultural watershed between the New Elizabethan and Caroline eras. Finally, along with the Run The World event of the following year, the sale of the plain white clothing for charity purposes marked the start of the Plain White Movement in music, fashion and politics, also associated with the major shift in costume which took place at the time, though at this point only long-sleeved T-shirts existed in this style.

Other bands appearing included Duran Duran and Queen .

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