Slovak–Carpatho-Ukrainian–Hungarian War
Part of World War II
Little war (GW)
Date 14 March 1939-31 March 1939 (27 days)
Location Carpatho-Ukraine and Eastern Slovakia
Result Hungarian victory:
  • Carpatho-Ukraine and the eastern Slovakia annexed by Hungary
Flag of Ukraine Carpatho-Ukraine

Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945 Slovakia

22px Hungary
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Ukraine Avgustyn Voloshyn

Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945 Jozef Tiso

22px Miklós Horthy

The Little war was a short war. This was part of the WWII. That was the only armed border conflict between Axis countries since its inception (with the exception of the Winter War and Hungarian invasion of Northern Transylvania).