The Little Hindies, also called the Little Hinders or Rascals, were the first generation descendants of the left-behinds in the Pacific Northwest. The generation is often classified as the sons or sometimes daughters of Southern and Midwestern soldiers abandoned in the Pacific Northwest by the US Army in the wake of the Alaskan War. Little Hindies are classified as having been born between the late 1880's and the late 1890's.

Little Hindies, like their fathers, were typically suspicious of the intentions of the federal government, harbored a deep-seated hatred of Alaskans, were marginalized by the community of other settlers in the Pacific Northwest, and suffered from chronic unemployment in the region, which was war-scarred and largely neglected by the federal government during a deep and lasting depression in the late 19th century. The Little Hindies were often less prone to violence than their fathers, better educated, and better paid. This resulted in their own children and to an even greater extent grandchildren not inheriting many of the same grievances that defined the left-behinds and most radical Little Hindies.

Still, in the turn-of-the-century Pacific Northwest, the Little Hindies, in particularly the eldest members of the generation, were extremely belligerent and disillusioned with their lack of opportunity in the region, which was uniformly blamed on the federal government. In a strange twist of irony, Little Hindies - who most often had ancestry in the Deep South - banded together with disenfranchised, poor minorities such as blacks and Chinese to wage war against more privileged settlers who controlled the cities and state and territorial legislatures. The 1913 murder of Washington Governor James Duquesne was attributed to four men, three of whom were Little Hindies. Young, teenage members of the cultural subgroup were held responsible for the violence in a number of anti-Alaskan and anti-government riots and acts of sabotage and violence in the early 1900's.

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