Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Didi Kunigystė Lietuvos
Timeline: St. George's Night

OTL equivalent: Lithuania, western Russia
200px-Flag of Lithuania (state).svg Coat of Arms of Lithuania
Capital Vilnius
Largest city Vilnius
Other cities Lvov, Brest, Kyiv
Lithuanian, Ruthenian
  others German, Yiddish
Paganism, Orthodox Christianity
  others Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Lithuanians, Ruthenians
  others Jews, Russians
Demonym Lithuanian
Government Duchy
Area 315,159 km²
Established 1200s
Currency Ducat

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a major eastern European monarchy centered in the Baltic region. One of Europe's last pagan states, its rulers converted to Orthodox Christianity in the late 1300s, although paganism has persisted into modern times. Lithuania engaged in longtime power struggles with its neighbours to the east and west, the Teutonic Knights and the Rus' states, eventually triumphing over both to gain control of most of Ruthenia. A large, ethnically and religiously diverse state, Lithuania was relatively tolerant for the time.

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