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Republic of Lithuania
Lietuvos Respublika
Flag of Lithuania.svg
1919–1940 Flag of Lithuanian SSR (1940-1953).svg
Flag of Lithuania 1918-1940.svg 85px-Coat of Arms of Lithuania svg.png
Flag Coat of arms
"Laisvė, vienybė, gerovė" (Lithuanian)
"Freedom, Unity, Prosperity"
Tautiška giesmė
Capital Vilnius
Official language Lithuanian
Government Fascist single-party, totalitarian dictatorship (under Antanas Smetona); democratic Republic
Tautos Vadas
 - 1919-1920, 1926-1940 Antanas Smetona
 - 1920-1926 Aleksandras Stulginskis
Prime Minister
 - 1918 Augustinas Voldemaras (first)
 - 1939-1940 Antanas Merkys (last)
Legislature Seimas
Historical era Interwar period Cold War / World War II
 - Established 4 April 1919
 - Occupation 17 June 1940
Currency Lithuanian litas (Lt)

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