The following is a list of major novels written in the past century or so, quite of few of which in recent years have been adapted into blockbuster films. This is largely due to the major movie studios using the original authors as screenwriters (if possible), in order to maintain the integrity of the novels' storyline and attract audiences in greater numbers (thus greater revenue).

Gilded era (1873-1909)


  • Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) –
  • Gone Second (1878) –


  • Eastern Skies (1882) –
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885) –
  • The Quake (1887) –
  • American Survival - Novels 1 - 5 (1888, 1889) –


  • American Survival - Novels 6 - 11 (1890 to 1892) –
  • The Red Badge of Courage (1895) –
  • American Survival - Novel 12 (1898) –


  • American Survival - Novels 13 - 22 (1904 to 1907) –

Modern era (1910-1959)


  • American Survival - Novels 23 - 32 (1910 to 1913) –
  • Indian Territory (1914) –
  • A Dark Nightmare (1918) –





  • American Survival - Novels 33 - 37 (1952 to 1954) – Final five novels of the American Survival series. The manuscripts were posthumously discovered among author Willie Lincoln's possessions by his sons Michael and Willie Jr. in 1949, twelve years after their father's death. The novels were finalized within a few years and published from 1952 to 1954.
  • Go Set a Watchman (1957) –

Contemporary era (1960-present)


The '60s was an era of both classic and controversial novels.

  • The Incredible Journey (1961) – The book follows three house pets (Luath the Labrador, Bodger the English bull terrier, and Tao the Siamese cat) as they journey across 300 miles of Canadian wilderness to return to their masters and encounter many dangers along the way, developing an unbreakable bond as a result. It was made into a film by the same name in 1963, and a remake in 1993 with the name Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (1964) – Prequel to Go Set a Watchman.
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) –
  • The Godfather (1969) –



  • The Bourne Identity (1980) –
  • The Attack on CVL-01 (1982) – A complete account of the Korean War attack by Chinese fighter and bomber aircraft on the US light carrier Task force CVL-01 in the East China Sea that resulted in the sinking of the light carrier USS Cumberland (CVL-29). The account includes the perspectives of the two Chinese pilots that were shot down and captured by US Navy interceptors, the XO of the Cumberland and a signalman who was blown into the water from the flight deck by the rocket blasts.
  • The Sicilian (1983) – Sequel to The Godfather.
  • The Hunt for Red October (1984) –
  • Baja (1985) – Set in South California, in the fictional Guayma County town of Upperton on the state's Pacific coast in 1907, the story follows an out-of-work journalist from San Diego who moves into town with his wife and three children, a tragedy that strikes them, and the terror it unleashes upon the unsuspecting town. Baja was adapted into a feature film script by Corrin himself in early 1987, and released to surprisingly positive reviews in April 1989. The title comes from the name of South California's Baja Peninsula, which comprises roughly 3/4 of the state.
  • The Bourne Supremacy (1986) –
  • Red Storm Rising (1986) – In Europe in the waning years of the Cold War - in the late-1980s - a terrorist attack on an oil depot deep in Soviet territory drains the USSR of oil and forces them to launch an all-out war against NATO and its allies to avoid economic concessions to the West, thus initiating the third world war. The book was later adapted into the 1992 techno-thriller film of the same name.
  • L'Anse Amour (1987) – Set on the east coast of Canada, near the border with Newfoundland, the story revolves around an ancient burial mound cursed by the spirit of a ruthless Native American warlord and the efforts of an archaeological preservation team to prevent the site from being used to resurrect an ancient evil meant to stay buried. As with Baja before it, L'Anse Amour was adapted into a screenplay by Ben Corrin himself and released to rave reviews in 1991.
  • Patriot Games (1987) –
  • Earthian Expeditions (1987) – First book in the enormously popular and bestselling sci-fi series Earthian Expeditions.
  • Melancholy's Child (1988) –
  • Loch (1988) –
  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988) –
  • Lingering Landings (1988) – Second book in Earthian Expedition series.
  • February 30th (1989) –
  • The Awakening (1989) – When former schoolteacher Jack Connell is selected as the winter caretaker of the old High Bluff Hotel, deep in the Jefferson Rockies, his wife Emily and six year-old son Danny are both somewhat apprehensive, and for good reasons. The hotel has a dark past, the darkest parts of which only young Danny can see, through a process called ‘Awakening’. Several months go by largely without incident, but in late December, shortly after Christmas, Jack begins to suffer a mental breakdown and recurrence of his alcoholism. And, as the hotel itself begins to slowly fall apart from malfunctions one after another, over the next two weeks, Jack begins to go insane and becomes violent, threatening not only his family's safety, but their very minds and souls as well ...
  • Clear and Present Danger (1989) –
  • Race for Rights (1989) – Third book in Earthian Expedition series.
  • The PET Project (1989) –


  • The Sum of All Fears (1990) –
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (1990) –
  • Voyager (1990) – Fourth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • The Mariner (1991) –
  • Trying Times (1991) – Fifth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Heir to the Empire (1991) – Rumored to have provided the basis for next year's Star Wars Episode VII, the first of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
  • Dark Force Rising (1992) – Still sold worldwide, it is also rumored to be the basis for Episode VIII. Many are reading it to perhaps gain insight into the film upon its in release in 2002.
  • Without Remorse (1992) –
  • Forewarned (1992) – An FBI agent in Chicago is thrown headlong into a series of shocking and bizarre murders, eventually coming to the conclusion that they are being committed by one of his old high school friends, someone who was, at the time, a budding writer, but has now turned his old horror writings into gruesome reality.
  • High Tide (1992) – Sixth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • The Last Command (1993) – Unconfirmed to be basis for Episode IX, though it has sold out in many places.
  • Debt of Honor (1993) –
  • Flooded Banks (1993) – Seventh book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Receding Rage (1994) – Eighth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Nova Scotia: BB49 (1994) – Written by Elijah Lane, the novel follows the battleship USS Nova Scotia and its crew as they fight off a German battle-line near Iceland, and then prepare to strike back at an Axis stronghold in Norway.
  • Code: Enterprise (1994) – June 12, 1994, dawns yet another hot and humid day in New York City. But in the city where everything is ordinary, all it takes is one event to change that perception. And so it is when NY State militia seize the museum ship USS Enterprise, an old WWII carrier, along with nearly 150 hostages. Now as a joint local and federal task force races to negotiate for the hostages' release, a junior FBI agent inadvertently uncovers a disturbing connection to overseas terrorists, and the sale of an airborne bio-toxin that is now aboard the Enterprise, enough to kill everyone in New York City, upper New Jersey, and western Connecticut. With 48 hours before the toxin is released, the agent, Alan McCabe, is tasked to board the ship with a team of CDC and Navy SEALs, to safely disable the missile in which the bio-agent will be deployed, and eliminate the militia once and for all. But when the plan goes horribly awry and all but McCabe are killed, he is forced to rely on his own, limited skills, those of his sole outside contact, and an unwitting tourist he runs across in the bowels of the old carrier. If they fail, they forfeit not just their own lives, but those of the hostages and the 8.5 million of NYC...
  • Culkin (1995) – Written by actor Macaulay Culkin, Culkin follows 15 year-old Macaulay himself in a fictional setting where Mark Bardmann of Baja comes to life and begins to torment him, followed shortly thereafter by Henry Evans of The Good Son, who then engages in a life or death struggle with the undead Bardmann. Macaulay has stated that he was inspired to write Culkin by the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Ascension.
  • Executive Orders (1995) –
  • Far Out (1995) – Ninth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Gateway (1995) – Tenth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • P-Twin (1996) – Ben Corrin's latest original publication, P-Twin deals with a twelve year-old boy named Noah Randell who suffers from horrific nightmares, which turn out to be a kind of weak psychic link to his thought-dead twin brother, a vicious sociopathic killer who soon targets Noah and his parents for murder.
  • Shattered (1996) – Eleventh book in Earthian Expedition.
  • The Hammer and the Anvil (1996) – A nine year-old amateur ham radio operator named Jack Masters inadvertently overhears a string of a top secret government cipher and seemingly insignificant details of the War Secretary's visit to Germany. With this, the boy has now placed himself in the cross hairs of two elite agents - so-called 'cleaners' by name of Hammer and Anvil - who are simultaneously targeting him for elimination.
  • Encounter (1996) – Twelfth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • SSN (1996) –
  • Rainbow Six (1996) –
  • The Bear and the Dragon (1997) –
  • Tiburon: SS529 (1997) – Follows the crew of the submarine USS Tiburon (SS-529) as it patrols the East China Sea in the waning days of an alternate WWII in early 1946, and their discovery that an abnormally large number of Japanese warships are steaming for the Philippines with skeleton crews aboard. Following a typhoon, Tiburon is beached in an isolated cove on the northernmost of the Pescadores Islands to the west of Formosa.
  • Tilt (1997) – Thirteenth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Strike (1997) – Fourteenth book in Earthian Expedition.
  • Baja II (1997) – A novel adaption of Corrin's screenplay, Baja II follows the same plot line as that of the film: In February 1942, teenage Louis Bardmann and his family are living surprisingly normal lives, even under the threat of the new world war. Louis' father, Simon Bardmann II and Louis' older brother Casey are shocked when the skeletal remains of Simon's younger brother Mark wash ashore one day, heralding a new series of disturbing events similar to the ones of 1907, events that could very well tear Lucaston apart ...
  • Last on Mars: The Red Ocean (1997) – The final novel in Elijah Lane's Last on Mars tetralogy, The Red Ocean follows the events of Canyon Rains as the Firmers prepare the last stages of making Mars' atmosphere breathable to humans and subsequently brace for a wave of thousands of potential colonists. However, the Founders - who oppose the terraforming process - will stop at nothing to prevent the Firmers from achieving their goals, even threatening the lives of everyone on the Red Planet.

Upcoming/planned novels

Upcoming novels

  • Fifty-One, Laramie (1997) – The first of two upcoming Ben Corrin novels, Fifty-One, Laramie takes place in an alternate version of the city of Cheyenne Falls, specifically the 55-story Laramie Tower (a project that was cancelled in 1974 due to the bankruptcy of the Laramie Corporation) as a series of mysterious occurrences force the tower's upper four floors to be sealed off and the building abandoned. And when a special forces team sent in is all but massacred by an unknown assailant, the sole survivor is forced to press on alone, and stumbles upon a terror brought to life. Fifty-One, Laramie is scheduled for release on September 8.
  • North Eighty-Seven (1997) – The second of Ben Corrin's upcoming novels, North Eighty-Seven takes place on a partially ice-bound island hundreds of miles to the north of the Arctic Circle, at
    87°N 50°W, where an unknown and vicious killer stalks a scientific team after they unexpectedly discover a 2000 year-old sarcophagus.
  • Interaction (1998) – Soon-to-be released fifteenth book in Earthian Expedition; to be published in January.
  • Students of Lexington (1998) – The next Tom Clancy thriller, with a unique twist. In Lexington, Massachusetts, a group of young college students take note of several strange occurrences, including a man on a street corner claiming that Napoleon VI is the President of France and that a massive Russian nuclear strike will destroy the world. The students then discover clues that lead to Egypt, where they only discover the first part of a rapidly unfolding mystery puzzle. The novel is rumored to be Clancy's first science fiction publication, with elements such as either time travel or 'parallel universes' likely to be involved.
  • Gulf No. 9 (1998) – One of the next Ben Corrin novel (after Fifty-One, Laramie and North Eighty-Seven), Gulf No. 9 is set on an uncharted, fog-cloaked island in the center of the Gulf of Mexico in 1943, after the US Navy cruiser Cape Breton unexpectedly runs aground there. The novel is scheduled to be released March 13, and is rumored to be a crossover with Elijah Lane's Nova Scotia: BB49.
  • Meeting (1998) – Scheduled sixteenth book in Earthian Expedition, to be released next July.
  • Received (1998) – An FBI agent intercepts a local group of smugglers while conducting an operation in Seattle. However, when he discovers what they are smuggling, he unlocks a mystery from his past - or rather, his future. All of them are from the future, having returned to the past to prevent something from happening in their future. However, the agent is trying to prevent it the right way, while the smugglers have to break the law to do so. But what exactly are these smugglers trying to prevent?
  • Beyond (1998) – Scheduled seventeenth book in Earthian Expedition, to be released next December.
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (1999) – Another upcoming Ben Corrin novel.

Planned novels

  • The Speaker (2000) – Fourteen year-old Charlie Michaels (sometimes called 'Charlie Mike') is a severe autistic and lost half of his left leg to a car accident when he was seven, forcing him to use a cybernetic leg. As a result, his mobility is somewhat limited, complicating his parents' problem of having him interact with others outside their home in Denver. One day, Charlie leaves his home and parents for the first time in years to attend a special school for children like him. When he returns home later that day, he finds his parents dead: brutally shot by a presumable militia assassin. Now orphaned, Charlie becomes a ward of the state and is sent to a hospital for an evaluation before moving to a foster home. While undergoing his evaluation, Charlie is visited by government agents claiming the boy pertains to national security. Unconvinced, the hospital staff contact the local FBI and their lead agent, David Martin, to verify the mystery agents' claim, but before the FBI can confirm, Charlie is kidnapped, sending Martin and his top agents into a race to find the boy. Soon, Martin will find Charlie, but will also discover that saving him and keeping him safe may be more difficult than he ever thought. The Speaker is written by a collaboration between bestselling authors Elijah Lane and Tom Clancy, and is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2000.
  • The Lonely One (2001) – Sequel to The Speaker by Elijah Lane and Tom Clancy.
  • The Speaker: Broken Silence (2002) –

Rumored novels

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