Empire of the Latins

Picture Name Born-Died Reign Start Reign End Notes
[1] Napoleon I August 15, 1769 - April 12, 1834 1805 1834 Founder of The Empire of The Latins
[2] Charles I December 23, 1805 - February 13, 1835 1834 1835 A great General, he died at the Battle of Kuchl after being Emperor for only ten months.
[3] Napoleon II February 7, 1808 - October 30th 1854 1835 1854 Much more a politician than a general Napoleon II more or less continued his father's work until a freak heart attack in 1854 cut his life short.
[4] Charles - Victor May 10, 1835 - January 3, 1873 1854 1873 Son of Napoleon II. Reigned during the Great Latino - Spanish war, which resulted in the conquest of all Spain. He was assassinated by a Spanish extremist in 1873, just after the war.
[5] Jerome I January 1, 1837 - June 7, 1898 1873 1898 A weak general his campaigns gained the Latinians land but at the cost of many lives. He also began an arms race with the Ottoman Empire and colonised much of north Africa's coast. He declared war on the Ottomans a week before he died.
[6] Charles II March 3, 1839 - November 11 1901 1898 1901 Jerome's brother, was made Emperor only because the senate thought Jerome's grandson too young to be emperor at 11. Ended the war with the ottomans in 1900 and increased relations with other European nations.
[7] Napoleon III June 6, 1887 - March 4, 1930 1901 1905 Jerome's grandson, forced to abdicate in 1905 following pressure from his uncle. Exiled after civil war and dying in London, England in 1920.
Louis January 15,1866 - September 31, 1908 1905 1908 Jerome's distant son, previously thought to have died on his return in 1905 he was legally given power. There was some dispute however of whether he was a legal Emperor. Within a month civil war ensued and lasted for two years resulting in Louis' victory shortly before dying in mysterious circumstances at a state visit to France.
Napoleon IV March 10, 1870 - March 27, 1921 1908 1921 Charles II son. Had previously been Duke of Sicily and supported Napoleon III in the civil war. When his forces were driven out of Greece he went into exile in Egypt but secretly returned in August 1908, may have murdered Louis. He saw the danger of the Anglo - Franco - Russo - German alliance and hastily made an alliance with the Austrian Empire and began arming his men, increasing army size from 1,000,000 in 1908 to 6,000,000 in 1911. When war broke out in 1912 he was ready. Leading his country through The Great War (1912 - 1918) and after, he was hailed as one of The Empire of The Latins greatest rulers.
Antonio December 28 ,1870 - 3 April 1923 1921 1923 Napoleon IV's brother. Also known as Antonio the Fat. Ruled only for two years before dying of a heart attack (surprise, surprise). Passed few laws, fought no wars. Last of the Bonaparte dynasty.
Vittore December 19, 1858 - December 31 1928 1923 1928

First of the Baglonian dynasty. Napoleons brother in law. Ruled during the roaring twenties also known as "The Vittorian Era". 65 when he came to power Vittore lived up to his name and fought many wars (all be them very small) mainly in Africa. He also built up the economy and led the Latinians to recovery after the Great war. His death signaled the end of a recovery.

Napoleon V 1928 1947

Prusso - Dutch Empire

Picture Name Born-Died Reign Start Reign End Notes
Frederick William 1
Frederick William I August 3, 1770 - June 7, 1840 1814 1840 Was King of Prussia 1797 - 1814 until act of Union with the Batavian Republic to form Prusso - Dutch Empire. He led the alliance against the Latinians from 1806 until the treaty of Vienna in 1835. During the last five years of his rule he used his organisational skills to make treaties with the other European powers.
Frederick William II October 15, 1795 - April 23, 1847 1840 1847
Wilhelm I March 22, 1797 - 1 June 1860 1847 1860
Frederick Prussia
Frederick October 18, 1831 - June 15, 1872 1860 1872
Heinrich August 14, 1850 - January 9, 1909 1872 1909
Waldemar March 26, 1879 - May 11, 1938 1909 1918 After defeat in the great war 1912 - 1918, The Prusso-Dutch Empire was destroyed and split up into The Kingdoms of Bavaria, Belgium and the Netherlands and Prussia and The Republics of Saxony and Denmark.

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