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List of the Point of Differences (An Earlier World Cup of Football)

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These are all of the point of differences (POD) that has happened in this timeline.


Already in the timeline

Future PODS

  • 1948: After the success of the Great Britain team in the "match of the century" game, the federations of FA, IFA, FAW merge into one team. Scotland comes in 1952.
  • 1950: FIFA allows India to play barefoot, saying that it will be a one off
  • 1990: Yugoslavia takes home the 1990 FIFA World Cup, easing tensions in the country enough to keep the country together.
  • 1993: San Marino scores a win against the United Kingdom, sending San Marino into a spin.
  • 2006: CONSNAF is formed after the CONMEBOL and CONCACAF merge into one.


In Progress

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