The Confederate States of America has a slight two-party system. There are two main factions in the Confederate political system, yet both of these are easily defeated in some districts by the third-partiers and Independents, this is due to the system of voting which is similar to that of the Commonwealth of Australia, where voting takes place by placing the Candidates and their parties in a numbered order. The candidate with the the most 1s and 2s next to their name goes to the Two-Party Preferred (2PP). From there, the Candidate who gains lower numbers from the voters, wins.

Federal Congressional parties and their leaders

Name Abbreviation Leader Position International Organisations Seats in the House of Representatives Seats in the Senate Notes
Confederate Liberals Libs Russ Carnahan Centre-Left 1 0 In the Whig Coalition
Country Democrats CD Ron Paul Centre-Right Democrat International 28 7 In the Democratic Coalition; Merged with the National Party in some states
Democratic Party of the Confederate States
Dem Eric Cantor Centre-Right Democrat International 67 11 In the Democratic Coalition
Labour Party of the Confederate States
Lab Ike Skelton Left-wing Socalist Alliance 2 0 In the Republican-Farmer-Labour Coalition
National Party of the Confederacy
Nats Jeff Flake Right-wing Democrat International 12 3 Merged with the Country Democrats in some states.
Reconstruction Party
Rcns Alan Mollohan Far-Left United States Congress 1 0 In the Republican-Farmer-Labour Coalition
Republican Party of America
RPA Kendrick Meek Left-wing Republicans of the Americas 1 0 In the Republican-Farmer-Labour Coalition
The Greens
GRN Alan Grayson Left-wing Green Worldwide 3 1 In the Whig Coalition
The Whigs
Whig Gerry Connolly Centre-Left 74 14 In the Whig Coalition

Current Parties

Current State representation of parties

  • The Whigs:
  • Democratic Party of the Confederate States:
  • Country Democrats:
  • National Party of the Confederacy:
  • The Greens:
  • Family First Party:
  • Christian Democrats:
  • Confederacy First:
  • Texan Independence Party:

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