There have been 2 monarchs of Westralia (see the Monarchy of Westralia). A new Realm of Westralia was formed on 8 August 1865, and was a constituent country of the Empire of Greater Britannia under Queen Victoria On 1 August 1869, a Declaration of Independence was issued proclaiming the Kingdom of Westralia, abolishing the Realm and removing Victoria from the throne. Between 1 August and 1 February 1870, Westralia's throne remained vacant, and it was de facto a republic until Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, third son of William III of the Netherlands, accepted the Westralian Government's invitation to become its new monarch. Thus, he was enthroned as Alexander I, becoming the country's second monarch — its first since the Declaration of Independence.

House of Hanover (1865 — 1869)

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Alexandrina Victoria
8 August 1865

1 August 1869
Coronation portrait of Queen Victoria - Hayter 183824 May 1819
Kensington Palace
daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
St James's Palace
10 February 1840
9 children
LivingGranddaughter of George III

House of Swan-Orange-Nassau (1869 — present)

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Alexander I
William Alexander Charles Henry Frederick
1 February 1870

Alexander der Nederlanden 1851 - 188425 August 1851
Noordeinde Palace
son of William III of the Netherlands and Sophie of Württemberg
Lady Mary Frances Holloway
St George's Cathedral
1 February 1870
1 child
LivingAppointed by Federal Government
Theodore William Alexander Maurice Charles Oliver Henry
Heir apparent
Alexander Dyce young23 March 1871
Stirling Palace
son of Alexander I and Lady Mary Frances Holloway
LivingSon of Alexander I

Timeline of Westralian monarchs

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