The following is a list of the men and women who reigned as monarchs of Naples. The Neapolitan monarchy was disbanded following the defeat of the Italian Alliance in the French Civil War in 1944 when the kingdom was merged with the Holy See under French duress. The current pretender to the Neapolitan throne is Joachim Louis, the Prince Murat, holding the title of Joachim VI in pretendence.

List of monarchs

Monarch Portrait Born Died Reign Notes
Joachim I 1808-1824
Achilles 1801 1847 1824-1847
Lucius 1803 1878 1847-1878
Joachim II 21 June 1834 23 October 1901 1878-1901
Joachim III 1856 2 November 1932 23 October 1901-2 November 1932
Joachim IV 1885 1938 1932-1938
Joachim V 1920 1987 1938-1944 Last monarch of Naples

List of pretenders to the Neapolitan throne

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