List of TURP missions

Order Date Year Mission Duration Crew Size Note
Past missions
1 January 23 2008 Curioso I ~4 hr. 2 min. Uncrewed Only robotic exploration mission to an unregistered parallel universe. Rover was crushed in an avalanche created by a lightning strike against a nearby cliff-side.
2 December 28 2008 Curioso II ~5 hr. 24 min. Uncrewed Exploration of a frequency relatively close to that of our own. However, when the “warp” is reopened, the rover fails to come through.
3 February 15 2009 Curioso III ~6 hr. 10 min. Uncrewed Same as the Curioso II mission. The rover succeeds in its return trip, bringing with it samples of the surface.
4 March 20 2009 Curioso IV ~23 min. Uncrewed Rover is destroyed in a freak storm shortly after coming through the “warp”.
5 May 2 2009 Curioso V ~7 hr. 18 min. 1 The rover manages to carry a rat through the “warp” unharmed. After having collected samples, the rover returns. The rat is checked and regarded as being in perfect health.

Order Date Year Mission Duration Crew Size Note
Future missions
6 May 24 2009 Journeyman I ~1d 1 First manned mission into the universe. Along with performing more advanced experiments, it is to search for civilized life.
7 June 5 2009 Journeyman II ~1d 2 Same as Journeyman I. First Two-Person mission in the Journeyman Program.

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