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house of litupolding

litupold I 656-702

litupold II 702-712

house of albert

albert I the good" 712-756

berengar I 756-798

litupold III "of italy" 798-843

litupold IV 843-876

albert II the magyar" 876-913

litupold V 918-954

house of otto

otto I the emperor" 954-961

house of albert

litupold VI 961-1005

frederick I 1005-1054

litupold VII 1054-1098

edmund I 1098-1132

edward I 1132-1134

edmund II 1134-1187

litupold VIII 1187-1210

edmund III 1210-1219


litupold IX 1219-1232

edmund IV 1232-1260

albert III "the citizen" 1260-1290

edmund V "the final margrave" 1290-1342


edmund V 1290-1342

litupold X 1342-1387

edmund VI 1387-1414

edmund VII "the warrior general 1414-1500

litupold XI 1500-1523

litupold XII 1523-1524

litupold XIII may 6 1524-may 9 1524

edmund VIII 1524-1552


litupold XIV 1552-1603

litupold XV 1603-1632

litupold XVI 1632-1705

edmund IX 1705-1764

albert IV "the young" 1764-1823

charles I 1823-1897

charles II 1897-1932

litupold XVII 1932-1975

litupold XVIII 1975-1979

litupold XIX 1979-2012

edmund X 2012-present

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