Below is a list of the world's major international and national corporations as of 1997.


Here are listed the world's twenty largest automotive corporations by both production and revenue:

1. Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan) – the world's largest automaker by both production and revenue. A collaborative project with Ford led to Toyota becoming one of the first two automakers in the world (and the first in Japan) to produce all-electric vehicles for consumer use, starting in 1980 and continuing through to the present day.

2. Honda Motor Company, Ltd. (Japan) – the second largest automaker in the world (and Japan), Honda has long been in competition with Toyota, though, unlike their rival, Honda has a far larger manufacturing base in the United States, the largest, in fact, for any foreign automaker. Following the surprise of the Toyota-Ford alliance that produced the first modern all-electric vehicles beginning in 1980, Honda raced to start its own program, eventually producing their own all-electric lineup by 1986.

3. Ford Motor Company – the world's third-largest automaker, and the largest in the United States, based out of Detroit, Michigan. Ford, in conjunction with Toyota, was one of both the world and America's first automaker to produce the first modern all-electric vehicles, beginning in 1980. This was the direct result of over a decade of development, initiated by the US Electric Vehicle Development Act of 1966. Its primary divisions are Lincoln, Mercury, and Edsel.

4. Nissan Motor Company (Japan) –

5. Volkswagen (Germany) –

6. Mercedes-Benz (Germany) –

7. Packard Motors

8. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) (Germany) –

9. DeLorean Motor Company

10. Hyundai Motor Company (Korea) –

11. Nash-Hudson Corporation

12. Renault-Volvo (France/Sweden) –

13. Chevrolet Motor Corporation

14. Oldsmobile

15. Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan) –

16. Chrysler Corporation

17. Cadillac Motor Corporation

18. Studebaker Corporation

19. Mazda Motor Corporation (Japan) –

20. Tucker Car Corporation


1. Pan American World Airways (PanAm)

2. United American Airlines

3. Delta Airlines

4. Eastern Air Lines

5. Lufthansa (Germany) –

6. British Airways (UK) –

7. Southwest Airlines

8. Air France (France) –

Aircraft manufacturers

1. Boeing

2. McDonnell Douglas

3. Messerschmitt (Germany) –

4. Northrop

5. Lockheed Grumman

6. Airbus (France) –

7. British Aerospace (UK) –

Defense contractors

1. United Global Industries

2. McDonnell Douglas

3. Lockheed Grumman

4. Northrop

5. Boeing

6. FN Herstal (Belgium) –

7. Heckler & Koch (Germany) –

8. Winchester

9. Colt

10. British Aerospace (UK) –

International conglomerate

1. United Global Industries (UGI) – the world's largest corporation, with a current annual revenue of just over $400 billion, and a total net worth of approximately $2.97 trillion, headquartered largely in Chicago, Illinois's Skyneedle. UGI's current President and CEO, Charles Byrnes, first brought his father's struggling company, American National Industries, to worldwide attention in 1978 with his introduction of the revolutionary NCD (nano-cancer disintegration) therapy – the long sought-after 'cure' for the dreaded condition – inaugurating the modern era of healthcare, in which nanomedicine has played a rather significant role, from the advent of accelerated healing techniques in 1981 to Nanamel (a thin nano-coating put on human teeth, rendering the enamel virtually invulnerable to even the most acidic of drinks and food) in 1989. Re-branded as United Global Industries in 1982, the company's annual revenue skyrocketed with the widespread use of accelerated healing and the continued success of NCD. Current divisions/departments of UGI include automotive safety, energy, military, and healthcare/med-tech. UGI is also the US War Department's biggest contractor, with a current contract worth of nearly $40 billion.

Steel production



1. Bank One Corporation – the world's largest multinational banking corporation, based out of Chicago, Illinois, with an annual revenue of $85 billion, and a current net worth of nearly $700 billion.







1. Shellron Oil Corporation – the major US-based subsidiary of the Netherlands' Royal Dutch Shell, and the largest of the major international oil conglomerates by annual revenue - larger than its parent company - at nearly $300 billion per-year.

Food service

1. McDonald's

2. Subway

3. Wendy's

4. Taco Bell

5. Burger Chef

6. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

7. Little Caesars

Grocery (supermarkets)

1. A&P

2. Kroger

3. Finast

General merchandise/hardware

1. Sears – the largest retailer in both North America and the world, with over $200 billion in annual revenue.

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