Portrait Name also known as Dates of reign Dynasty Title Notes
1 Mendog 1578 Mindaugas Mindovg 1248-1263 Royal house of Palemonovich King of Lithuania
2 Treniota Treniota Traniat 1263-1264 Grand prince of Lithuania
3 Vojshalk Vaiselga Voishalk 1264-1267
4 Szwarn Yuri Shvarn 1267-1269 Royal house of Daniilovich
5 Lithuanian Grand Duke Traidenis Troiden Traidzen 1270-1282 Royal house of Vitovich
6 Daumantas Daumont 1282-1285
7 Butigeidis Budzikid 1285-1291 Royal house of Gediminovich
8 Pukuver Budivid 1291-1295
9 Witenes Vytenis Vitzen 1295-1316
10 Gedimin grav xvii Gediminas Gedimin 1316-1341
11 Jaunutis Evnunii Gediminovich 1341-1345
12 Ольгерд Algirdas Olgerd Gediminovich, Dmitri 1345-1377
13 Владислав Ягайло Jagiello Olgerdovich Iakov, Vladislav 1377-1392 Grand prince of Lithuania, Russia and Samogitia, King of Poland
14 Kiejstut Kestutis Keistut Gediminovich 1381-1382 Grand prince of Lithuania
15 Витовт Vytautas Vitovt Keistutovich, Vigand, Aliaksandr I 1392-1430 King of Russia and Lithuania
16 Сигизмунд Sigismund Keistutovich 1430-1432
17 Александр (Олелько) Владимирович Aliaksandr II Vladimirovich Olelko 1432-1455 Royal house of Olelkovich
18 Mikhail I Olelkovich 1455-1485
19 Simiaon Mikhailovich 1485-1505
20 Yuri I Simiaonivich 1505-1542
21 Yuri II Yurievich 1542-1578
22 Yuri III Yurievich 1578-1586
23 Николай Радзивилл Mikalaj Mikalaevich Piarun 1586-1603 Royal house of Radzivil King of Russia and Lithuania, King of Poland, King of Bohemia, king of Hungary
24 Иван Радзивилл Ivan Micalaevich 1603-1605, 1606-1612 Civil War in Russia. 1606-1612 - de-facto puppert of the RTN nobility. Afther 1606 - Russian king only in name.
25 Софья Sofia Yurievna 1606 Royal house of Olelkovich Queen of Russia and Lithuania

Civil War in Russia.

Puppert of the Chadkievič clan

26 Ostrozhski Константин Kastancin Kastancinovich 1606-1608 Royal house of Ostrozhsky King of Russia and Lithuania

Civil War in Russia.

De-facto rule only in the Central Russia

27 Hans 1583-1602 Ivan Kristianoivich Hans 1607-1610 Royal house of Oldenburg King of Russia and Lithuania, king of Novgorod

Civil War in Russia.

Son of the king of Danemark. Leader of the Russian protestants in the Northern Russia .

28 Петр Pyotr Yurievich Ileico from Murom 1606-1607 Royal house of Olelkovich (self-proclaimed) King of Russia and Lithuania Civil War in Russia. Cossak. Impostor. de-facto pupprt of the Ottoman Empire
29 Andrej I Andrejevich 1609-1639 Royal house of Golitsiyn
30 Vasil I Andrejevich 1639-1679
31 Василий Васильевич Vasil II Vasilievich 1679-1714
32 Михаил Васильевич Mikhail II Vasilievich 1714-1730
33 Александр Михаилович Aliaksandr III Mikhailovich 1730-1760
34 Дмитрий 1 Dzmitry I Aliaksandrovich 1760-1793
35 Александр Александрович Aliaksandr IV Aliaksandrovich 1793-1807
36 Дмитрий Dzmitry II Aliaksandrovich 1807-1827
37 Михаил Александрович Mikhail III Dzmitrievich 1827-1873
38 Александр5 Mikhail IV Mikhailovich 1873-1901
39 GolitsynNDначало ХХ века Uladzimir I Aliaksandrovich 1901-1930

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