Presidents of the Italian Union (1849-1872)
Portrait Name Dates of regine
PiusIX Pope Pius IX 1849-1870
VictorEmmanuelIIportrait(до 1878) Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia 1870-1872

Presidents of the I Italian Republic
Portrait Name In office
549PX-~1 Giuseppe Garibaldi 1859-1864

Kings of Italy Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned
Portrait Name Dates of regine
1 VictorEmmanuelIIportrait(до 1878) Vittorio 1872-1878
2 Umberto I di Savoia lj 1900 Umberto 1878-1900
3 Emanuel Filiberto d'Aosta - до 1931 Emanuele 1900-1931
4 Amadeo Aosta3rd 01 Amedeo 1931-1956
5 Margherita Margherita 1956-2007
6 Lorenzo(2007-) Lorenzo 2007-

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