No leader of Hankin'i (apart from King Alexander-Willem I as President and Abraham Charles) has been elected.

List of Leaders

Leaders of Hankin'i Took office Left office Party Office Term
Previous office Vice Leader
British Occupation
George III of the United Kingdom King
George I


October 1, 1764

July 22 1749 None N/A None None
Kingdom of Hankin'i


July 22, 1769

September 1, 1830 None N/A None None
King George King
George II

September 1, 1830 March 1, 1910 None N/A None None
King Willem King
Alexander I

March 1, 1910 May 22, 1925 None N/A None None
Hawaiian Occupation
George Ik

 Alexander II

May 22, 1925 April 30, 1950 None N/A None None
United Kingdom of Hawaii and Hankin'i
King Alexander-Willem I

Alexander-Willem I

April 30, 1950 December 19, 1961 None 1950 (as King) None   None
1960 (as President)
People's Socialist Republic of Hankin'i
Carlos General-President
Francis Carlos

December 19, 1961 May 22, 1991 Worker's Socialist Party Life Prime Minister of Hankin'i None
Jose General-President
Jose Carlos

May 22, 1991 September 11, 2001 Worker's Socialist Party Life None Nicolas Carlos
Nicolas General-President
Nicolas Carlos

September 12, 2001 March 28, 2011 Worker's Socialist Party Life None None
Provisional Authority of Hankin'i
William Clinton Administrator
William 'Bill' Clinton

March 28, 2011 April 1, 2011 Democratic Party 5 Years Vice President of the United States Barack Obama
People's Socialist Republic of Hankin'i
Nicolas General-President
Nicolas Carlos

April 1, 2011 May 30, 2013 Worker's Socialist Party Life General President of Hankin'i None
Hawaiian Democratic Republic of Hankin'i
Abe Charles President
Abraham Charles

May 30, 2013 Incumbent Social Labour Party 4 Years Mayor of Hankin'i City Vacant

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