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List of holy roman emperors (revolt)

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charles I 999-1024

charles II louis 1024-1087

maximillian I 1087-1132

maximillian II 1132-1176

charles III 1176-1211

louis I 1211-1287

charles IV 1287-1331

maximillan III 1331-1402

maximillian IV 1402-1476

matthew I 1476-1508

matthew II 1508-1532


stephen I 1532-1599


matthew III 1599-1654

maximillian V leopold 1654-1721

leopold I 1721-1777

stephen II 1777-1802

stephen III "the king of hungary" 1802-1845

franz joseph 1845-1899

charles V 1899-1921

maximillian VI 1921-1999

maximillian VII 1999-

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