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List of english monarchs (different england)

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house of normandy- william I

william II

henry I

house of blois- stephen 

house of plantagenet- henry II

richard I


henry III

edward I

edward II

edward III

richard II

house of lancaster- henry IV

henry V

henry VI

house of york- edward IV

house of lancaster- henry VI

house of york- edward IV

edward V

richard III

house of tudor- henry VII

henry VIII

edward VI

mary I

elizabeth I

house of stuart- james I

charles I

charles II

james II

mary II

william III


house of hanover- george I

george II

george III

george IV

william IV


house of saxe coburg and gotha- edward VII

house of winsdor- george V

edward VIII

george VI

elizabeth II

charles III

william V & catherine

henry IX

paul I

paul II

paul III

paul IV

paul V

paul VI

paul VII

paul VIII

house of saxe coburg winsdor and eriksson- paul IX

paul X

paul XI

paul XII

charles IV



elizabeth III

paul XIII

paul XIV

house of clenetheon- reese clenetheon

edward IX

house of tudor- henry VIII

house of saxe coburg winsdor and eriksson- reese II

paul XV

the plague-giggling gog

leather jack

the parasite

fighting pack

the queen

the king of eyes

the empress

the monarch

the fool

the harlephant

the grey

house of carnation- flixie





paul XVI


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