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Theodosian Dynasty


Flavius Theodosius  Augustus

January 11, 347 Son–in–law of Valentinian I, appointed as Augustus for the east by Gratian after the death of Valens; became sole 'senior' Augustus after death of Valentinian II. January 1, 379 – January 17, 395 January 17, 395

Natural causes

Magnus Maximus

Flavius Magnus Maximus

c. 335 Usurper in the West; legitimized along with his son Victor by Theodosius I as emperors of Britannia and Gaul. 383/384 – August 28, 388 August 28, 388

Executed by Theodosius Iin Aquileia after the Battle of the Save.


Flavius Honorius Augustus

September 9, 384 Son of Theodosius I; appointed as 'junior' Augustus for the west by Theodosius in 393 (after the death ofValentinian II); became 'senior' Augustus for the west after his father's death. January 23, 393 – April 19, 420 April 19, 420

Natural causes

Flavian Dynasty

Flavius I

Flavius Stilicho

c.395 Supreme Commander of the Western Roman Army since 395 and three time Consul, was elected by the Senate and Praetorian Guard. Co–emperor with Flavius II until October 424 . April 19, 420 – October 06, 424 October 06, 424

Natural causes

Flavius II

Flavius Claudius Constantinus

? Magister militum of Britannia, he threatened to revolt unless he was elected emepror. Co–emperor with Flavius I from April 420 to October 424 ; Co–emperor with Eucherius from November 427 to July 429 . April 19, 420 – July 27, 429 July 27, 429

Poisoned, possibly on Eucherius's order.


Eucherius Stilicho

c.385 Son of Flavius I. Was made emperor by the Senate, who wanted to limit Flavius II's power. Co–emperor with Flavius II from November 427 to July 429 . November 03, 427 – January 18, 443 January 18, 443

Natural causes

Flavius III

Flavius Aetius

c.395 Famous general who was adopted by Eucherius. Co–emperor with Maximinus III from January 443 to November 448 ; co–emperor with Flavius IV from September 455 to August 457 . January 18, 443 – August 23, 457 August 23, 457

Natural causes

Maximinus III

Maximinus Stilicho Vandalicus

February 18, 416 Son of Eucherius. He was me emperor by the senate, who liked him more than Flavius III. Co–emperor with Flavius III until November 448 . January 18, 443 – November 18, 448 November 18, 448

Killed at the Battle of Astorga against the Suebi.

Flavius IV

Gaudentius Flavius

c.440 Son of Flavius III. Co-emperor with Flavius III from September 455 to August 457 ; co-emperor with Olybrius from August 457 to December 461. September 20, 455 – April 17, 479 April 18, 479

Murdered with his family by a group of Senators.


Caius Olybrius

c.380 Consul of Rome during the reign of Flavius II, he was elected emperor due to the young age of Flavius IV. Co-emperor with Flavius IV until December 461. August 23, 457 – December 12, 461 December 12, 461

Natural causes


Eparchius Avitus

? Consul of Rome at the time of Flavius IV murder, he is made emperor by the Senate due to his popularity in Gaul and the fact that he is related to Flavius II by marriage. April 17, 479 – August 03, 479 August 03, 479

Natural causes

Decian Dynasty

Decius I

Caecina Decius Basilius

? One time Consul and twice Praetorian prefect of Italy, he made himself Emperor with the help of the Praetorian Guard. Co-emperor with Decius II and Mavortius I from October 479 to February 481 . August 03, 479 – February 13, 481 February 13, 481

Killed in battle against Syagrius.

Decius II

Caecina Mavortius Basilius Decius

? Son of Decius I. Co-emperor with Decius I from October 479 to February 481 ; co-emperor with Movartius I from October 479 to November 481 ; co-emperor with Mavortius II from May 482 to September 482 . October 07, 479 – September 19, 482 March 23, 483

Executed with conspirators who wanted to overthrow Syagrius and return Decius II as emperor.

Mavortius I

Vettius Agorius Basilius Mavortius

? Son of Decius I. Co-emperor with Decius I from October 479 to February 481 ; co-emperor with Decius II from October 479 to November 481 . October 07, 479 – November 18, 481 November 18, 481

Executed by the Vandales after being captured during his failed reconquest of Sicily.

Movartius II

Vettius Agorius Basilius Mavortius

c.475 Son of Decius II, he became a child emperor controlled by the Senate in an attempt to resist Syagrius. Co-emperor with Decius II. May 23, 482 – September 19, 482 September 19, 482

Killed by rioters due to the famine caused by Syagrius siege of Rome.

Syagrian Dynasty



c.430 Usurper who declared himself Emperor of Roman Gaul in 479. After 3 long years of war against the Decian Dynasty, he conquered Rome and was recognized as sole emperor. June, 479 /September 22, 482 – November 16, 501 November 16, 501

Natural causes

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