Here you can find the list of wars of the Victorious 1848 timeline.


Start End Name Victorious party (or attacker if ongoing) Defeated party (or defender if ongoing)
1848 1850 War of the Austrian Collapse Prussia, Sardinia, Bavaria Austrian Empire, Austrian Republic, Hungary, Bohemia
1856 1857 South Italian War Sardinia Naples
Galician War Russia Galicia
1868 1869 War of the Unifications Italy, Prussia several Italian duchies, Papal States, France
1868 1869 War of Corsica and Sardinia Spain France, Italy
1871 1871 Greeco-Spanish War Spain Greece
1872 1872 War for Ciprus Spain Ottoman Empire
1873 1876 Crimean War Ottoman Empire, France, Great Britain Russia
1875 1880 War of Indochina France Siam
1876 1876 Spanish Conquest of Morocco Spain Morocco
1877 1879 Balkan Wars Hungary (later Federation of Danubian Nations), Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Ottoman Empire
1879 1879 Revolution of Nations Hungary (formed to FDN) Serbs, Croats, Romans, Slovaks
1880 1882 Iberian War Spain Portugal
1884 1886 Italian-Ethiopian Wars Italy Ethiopia
1885 1887 Holland War Germany Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg


1901 1903 War of Libyan Independence Libya Ottoman Empire
1903 1904 War of the Colonisation of Libya Italy Libya
1913 1917 First World War USA, FDN, Great Britain, France, Ottoman Empire, etc. Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc.
1933 1934 Ethiopian War Italy Ethiopia
1934 1934 Venezuelan War Spain Venezuela
1935 1935 Colombian War Spain Colombia
1936 1941 Second World War USSR, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, etc. USA, Peru, France, Great Britain, etc.
1950 1952 Great European War FDN, USA, Great Britain, Ottoman Empire, France, etc. USSR, Germany
1962 1965 War of the Arabian Federalism Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Saudi-Arabia Ottoman Empire, Tunesia
1867 1870 War of the Guinean Federalism United Guinean Federation Nigeria
1970 1973 Somali War Ethiopia Somalia
1979 1984 Persian War Arabic Federation Persia
1985 1986 Persian Gulf War Persia Arabic Federation
1991 1992 Sudan Civil War South Sudan Sudan
2003 - Indo-Pakistan War India Pakistan
2004 - War on Terror Sons of Iran USA, European Union, Arabic Federation

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