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List of Wars
War Duration Combatants Concluding Treaty

• consequences

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Battle of Haugar 934 Eirik I Bloodaxe Olaf I Geirstadalf Division of Norway into Hordaland and Viken 850-999
1st Danish Invasion of Anglia 1013-1016 •England •Denmark Division of England into Saxon Wessex and Danish Anglia 1000-1099
Styrmir's War 1059-1061 Queen Sigrun I's supporters •Styrmir's supporters The continued rule of the queens in Vinland 1000-1099
2nd Danish Invasion of Anglia 1097 •Anglia •Denmark Anglia reverts to Danish dynasty 1000-1099
Wampanoag Wars 1119-1137 •Vinland


•Wampanoag Tribe Álengiamark's territory carved out. Passamaquoddia secured. 1100-1199
Álengsk Civil War 1183-1188 •Earl of Margirhaedeyja
•Earl of Sudervik
•Earl of Langaeyjar Central authority in Álengiamark begins to fail 1100-1199
Leifian Civil War 1197-1199 •Vinland •Álengiamark Álengiamark is confirmed as independent. 1100-1199
Twenty Years War 1207-1226 •Wessex •France Normandy is inherited by Wessex 1200-1299
Aragonese Conquest of Naples 1268-1422 •Aragon




Naples conquered by Aragon 1200-1299
War of the Limburg Succession 1283-1289 •Brabant

•City of Cologne


•Archbishopric of Cologne

Brabant annexes Limburg

City of Cologne given independence

Great Unami Revolt 1385-1388 •Álengiamark •Unami rebels


1st Congress of Fjallasay

Álengiamark loses 2/3rds of its Unami territory. Susquehanockland and Six Nations are formed and recognised as independent.

Vinlandic Civil War 1395-1405 •Royalist Armies •Althing Armies Rule of Althing confirmed 1300-1399


Great Venetian War 1488-1494 •Hungary
Treaty of Bassano 1400-1499
Great Northern War 1493-1501 •Algonquinland

•Six Nations

2nd Congress of Fjallasay

Algonquinland severely punished. Vinland expands Hafsvaedaland.

War of Anglian Succession 1493-1523 •Luxembourg •Kalmar Union
Treaty of Cleves

Luxembourg inherits Anglia's continental properties and is poised to inherit Champagne and Holland. Fryslân given to Anglia in compensation.



Ladish Revolt 1513-1523 •Ladish nobles •Kalmar Union Treaty of Galve

Denmark annuls the title of Earl of Lade. Lade becomes independent as a republican federation.

Icelandic War 1510 •Iceland
•Hordaland Hordaland's westward expansion halted. 1500-1599
War of the Nassau Succession 1544-1547 •Luxembourg
•Poland Nassau incorporated into Luxembourg 1500-1599
Leifian Wars of Religion 1565-1574 •Vinland

•(Wampanoag rebels)
•(Schmalkaldic League)



Peace of Niskayuna

Leifian countries now free to promote the state religion without foreign intervention

Wessex War of Religion 1568-1580 •Catholics/House of Gloucester •Lutherans/House of Somerset Catholic victory 1500-1599
Anglian War of Religion 1574-1590 •Catholics •Lutherans Lutheran victory 1500-1599
Fifty Years War 1618-1668 Austria


Kalmar Union


Treaty of Copenhagen

Utter devastation of Germany, North Italy and Low Countries. Schmalkaldic Empire is disbanded. Central Europe's population cut in half - will take 150 years to recover.



First Mexic-Leifian War 1622-1632 •Most Eastern Leifian states
•Mexic subject peoples
Peace of Havna

Mexic power expands beyond the Mets'ichi Chena. Endemic warfare begins to envelope SE Leifia.

First Hungarian War 1699-1710 •Hungary •Austria Status Quo 1650-1699
Great Baltic War 1761-1774 •Svealand
•Kalmar Union (after 1771)
•Holy Roman Empire (until 1771)

•Kalmar Union (until 1771)

Treaty of Lubeck

Ingria given to Novgorod. Karelia given nominal independence. Fourth Kalmar Union agreement signed.

Second Mexic-Kalmar War 1774-1793 •Vinland
•Kalmar Union
•Various Eastern Leifian States
•Chinese Leifian League
•Mexica Ceasefire 1750-1799
Six Year War (or the War of Regensburg Succession) 1783-1789 •Regensburg


•Luxembourg Regensburg passed to a cadet branch of the Leonese royal family. It returns to Catholicism. 1750-1799
Eleanor's War (or the War of Bavarian Succession) 1802-1805 •Luxembourg
•Electoral Saxony
Bavaria passes to the Wettins. 1800-1849
Castillian Revolutionary War 1816-1820 •Castillian revolutionaries •Castillian monarchists
Monarchy in Castille overthrown by new republic. Alfonzo XIII replaced by liberal Ferdinand IX in Leon. 1800-1849
Hispanic Revolutionary Wars 1820-1835 •Castille (Hispania)

•Republican Portugal
•Savonese Republic

•Holy Roman Empire

•Kalmar Union
•Royal Portugal

Congress of Milan

Hispania and Savonese Republic split into original states and monarchies restored. France given Aquitaine. Castillian foreign possessions divided between victorious powers.

The Elm War 1824-1826 •Abernakriga •Six Nations Abernaki troops rebel back home. Abernakriga begins movement towards republic. 1800-1849
Tawantin-Luxembourg War 1824-1827 •Tawantinsuyu •Luxembourg Luxembourg's ownership of Guyana is officially recognised by Tawantinsuyu 1800-1849
Vinlandic-Eriac War 1835-1836 •Vinland •Erie Erie's monarchy restored. 1800-1849
Álengsk-Chinese War 1836-1837 •Álengiamark •Chinese Leifian League Álengiamark renounces claims to land in the Snjorjamaerkafoll. Chinese Leifia agrees to respect Álengsk trading rights. 1800-1849
3rd Karelian War 1842-1843 •Finland
•Novgorod Treaty of Viipuri

(After revisions) Finland and Karelia expand at Novgorod's expense. Ingria given greater autonomy.

French-Japanese War 1850-1853 •France

Japan barred from expanding in southern Roasjoinn.

Johor War 1863 •Luxembourg •Johor Treaty of Muar

Luxembourg annexes Johor to Singapore

Cotton Wars 1885-1920 •Mvskokia •Various rebellious parties
Treaty of Kristiansted 1850-1899
Japanese Tlingit War 1904-1916 •Japan •Tlingit Tribe & Allies
Treaty of Kaien

Japan installed as ruler of the NW Leifian coast.

Great Eastern War 1961-1967 •Japan •China Peace of Maynila

Respective zones of control confirmed. Technically merely a ceasefire.


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