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  This Althistory is a part of the Pax Columbia world.
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Simon Bolivar9

Simon Bolivar, hero of the Granada Civil War

List of Wars in Pax Columbia Timeline:

See also: full Timeline,
  • League of Cambrai 1508-1516 (Italian Wars/War of the Holy League)
  • Papal Crusades 1557-1733
  • Burgundy-French Wars 1670-1691
  • Teacup War 1690-1692 (first Sino-Russian War)
  • War of Spanish-French Succession 1701-1720
  • War of the Two Crowns 1718
  • War of Welsh Independence 1701-1722
  • War for Kurdistan Independence 1717-1733
  • War for Timurid Independence 1730-1733
  • Seven Years' War 1756-1763
  • North American War's of Independence 1774-1808
  • Revolutionary War 1770
  • Italian Revolution 1789-1799
  • Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815
  • War of Maine Independence 1812-1815 (War of 1812)
  • Granada Civil War 1812-1818
  • Toledo War 1835
  • Texas-Mexican Revolution 1836
  • Mexican-American War 1841-1846
  • Second Sino-Russian War 1854-1855
  • Sepoy Rebellion 1844-1857
  • Third Sino-Russian war 1858-1860
  • Confederate War of Independence 1861-1865 (American Civil War)
  • Sino-Korean War 1863-1865
  • Oregon War of Independence 1870-1887
  • World War I 1914-1918
  • English Civil War 1938-1944
  • World War II 1939-1945
  • Fall of Communism 1987-1990
  • FSC war with Zaire 2001-Present
  • Ethiosomalia War 2003-2011
  • FSC war with Libya 2010

Author: CassAnaya

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